Streetcars coming to Reno?    

The Reno Streetcar Coalition is proposing a new project in downtown Reno that would create a transportation system similar to cities like Portland and San Francisco.

"Every major western city in the United States is developing and incorporating street cars and trolleys into their systems right now," says Blake Smith, The Reno Streetcar Coalition Chairman.

Reno and Las Vegas aren't included in that figure yet, but the Biggest Little City in the World could soon join the environmentally friendly transportation club.

Smith presented the streetcar idea to city officials, stakeholders and business owners this week and says the response was overwhelming. Smith hopes the design will be implemented into the Regional Transportation Commission's current Virginia Street Project.

Smith says it's possible this vision could become a reality in the very near future, "Theoretically, it could be
in the 2017 development."

The initial plan would implement streetcars from Liberty St. to Plumb Ln. along Virginia St. in Reno's Midtown District.

RTC officials say the concept is great, and Smith is hopeful, "I think this is something that is smart development and would add to this community. This town is going to grow, it's going to be different in 5 years, 10 years. I think this is smart planning, I think it's fun planning."

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