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Strengthening Pennsylvania

Kelly Lewis. JD/MBA



Strengthening Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Government Technology Commission Offers

Governor-Elect Corbett Roadmap for Operational and Budget Cost Savings in 2011

Harrisburg, PA - Upon taking office, Governor-elect Tom Corbett and the newly sworn-in General Assembly will face the biggest structural budget deficit our Commonwealth has ever experienced. This unprecedented deficit is coupled with stubbornly high unemployment, escalating health care costs, educational under-performance and its sky-rocketing price tag, more than $5 billion needed to balance the Unemployment Trust Fund and State Employee/Teacher Pension Funds and a persistent multi-billion dollar under-investment in technology and infrastructure. Correcting these colossal and complex issues will be the leadership test of our generation.

Today, all levels of Pennsylvania government spend an astounding $100 billion per year in the aggregate. The state's General Fund budget spends $28 billion, K-12 spends over $24 billion; and the rest of our tax dollars are spent by agencies, townships, towns, boroughs, cities, counties, higher-education and authorities spend over $48 billion. Oftentimes, cost saving efforts focus solely on the $28 billion state General Fund budget, when the potential for far greater savings justifiably appears to be in the $72 billion budgeted outside of the state General Fund.

"Just like companies do, government needs superior technology-enabled systems to deliver improved government services, but also to efficiently collect government revenues," said Kelly Lewis, President & CEO of TechQuest Pennsylvania. "We believe wise, leveraged and strategic investments in technology-enabled systems will make possible the best top to bottom review of all government expenditures and revenues, coupled with transparency and participation by all citizens and all elected officials in the improvement of our government. Expertly deployed, strategic technology-enabled systems transform government operations by identifying and demanding efficiency, improved services and large cost-savings."

This year, working with the State Senate Management and Cost-Savings Commission, TechQuest Pennsylvania identified more than $2 billion in immediate, reoccurring cost-savings that can impact the immediate state budget, from published House and Senate reports.

In September, The Pennsylvania Government Technology Commission was formed specifically to help the Governor-elect and General Assembly tackle the greatest challenges facing Pennsylvania government. "There are dozens of completed studies, many of which detail how strategic technology can help transform government into a more affordable and responsive organization that provides better service to citizens and companies," said Lewis, a former state representative, served on the PA Senate Government Cost Study Commission.

In its Executive Summary released today, the Pennsylvania Government Technology Commission is proposing:

** Strengthen investments in Strategic Technology to Transform Pennsylvania -

Information Technology has transformed the operations of companies and governments. Today, technology and innovation advances are increasing exponentially. But, government is slow to embrace change in order to realize the cost savings, improvements and resource re-allocations enabled by strategic technology. More than ever, government needs strategic technologies that quickly improve services and deliver immediate and long-term cost-savings.

o Establishing the Governor's Technology Advisory Board to assist Governor-Elect Corbett's transition team and House and Senate leadership as they explore ways to drive change and cost-savings through strategic technology.

o Establishing the Office of Continuous Improvement (OCI) with a focused mission of leading organizational change and driving cost-savings realized by taxpayers.

o Establishing a cabinet-level State Chief Information Office (CIO), as has been done in other large states with full authority for statewide Information Technology budgeting, operations, procurement and policy.

o Improve and Streamline the Procurement Systems for Acquisition of Technology and Professional Services - In order to timely achieve the desired delivery of improved government services and their resulting cost savings, we must speed-up and vastly-improve how we buy technology and professional services including technology consulting services.

** Transform Pennsylvania's economic development strategies toward a $650 billion economy as fast as possible -

Pennsylvania government policies must be focused on growing Pennsylvania's $550 billion economy to $650 billion as rapidly as possible. We cannot tax our way to prosperity. We cannot spend our way into prosperity. We cannot cut our way to prosperity. We cannot talk our way into prosperity. We live in exponential times, the Exaflood and the exponential growth of technology, communications and innovation. We face unprecedented global competition. Our public policies to attract capital investments and grow our economy must be the best in the nation!

Too many of our state public policies are the worst or near-worst in the nation when it comes to attracting global investment capital. Even the policies that are good must get better. At all times, we must transform our government policies to make Pennsylvania the most attractive state for global investment. We live in exponential times and companies will invest where they are welcome, treated-fairly and get the best returns on their investments.

For a copy of the Commission Executive Summary, email klewis@tccp.org.

TechQuest Pennsylvania is a state wide commitment by thousands of dedicated professionals focused on keeping Pennsylvania a national and global leader through the deployment of advanced technology and its required infrastructures and workforces in order to grow prosperity for all Pennsylvanians. www.techquestpa.com or 570.510.7745

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Strengthening Pennsylvania

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