Dear Friends,


Every year we tell ourselves that we are going to be prepared for the Holidays. And every year we are so happy when it is all over with because we procrastinated ourselves into a stressed out Christmas Banshee. I want this year to be different for you and everyone else in your home.


The reason we procrastinate is that we don't think we have time to do something right. We don't have to complete a project all at once. I know that is how we have done it in the past! We hyper-focus on most everything because we have to get it done; we don't have to live this way any longer.


My mother was a Christmas Banshee and for most of my years on this earth she ruined the holidays for me. In 2000 when she died, on Christmas Eve; I decided that now was my time to enjoy the process of the holidays. I came up with a babystep plan to get things done without killing myself or hurting my family. I let go of my perfectionism and found where my joy was.


Some people find joy in making little children smile with their festive lights and decorations. Others in making their home look beautiful on the inside with a tree in every room. My joy came from the giving and doing for others. I love making people smile!


God put me on this earth to help you! My life is dedicated to you! I want you to find the peace that I have found. My gift to you this holiday season is the tranquility that comes from taking each Holiday Cruising Mission and doing them. Please don't procrastinate.


Commit to reading them and doing just five minutes. What I learned is that slow and steady will accomplish so much more than a hyper-focused frenzy. Just a few minutes each day will get you prepared for a stress free holiday or any celebration.


We all love to have fun. Sometimes we just need to play games with ourselves to get us moving it the right direction. This is how I came up with Cruising through the Holidays. Our ultimate goal is to be ready for the holidays by December 1st. We are telling ourselves that we are going on vacation on December 1st and we will not be back from our Cruise until December 21st. In order for us to enjoy our vacation; we have to get all our holiday stuff done before we go.


The holidays include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day! We usually send a lot of money during the last three months of the year. I want to help you cruise through the holidays without the stress of having to pay for it until May of the next year.


Please make the commitment to take my gift and use it to make your life stress free this holiday season. Every day we will be sending out a  Holiday Cruising Mission. We have video missions on Youtube and a great section on our website filled with lots of ideas. GO CHECK IT OUT!  


Are you ready to Cruise through the Holiday's with us? We are going to have so much fun on our December vacation. If you're with us; then I want to hear from you! Send me an email to with HOLIDAY PEACE in the subject line.





FlyLady here; Holiday Cruising Mission start on October 21st. Go download your free Holiday Control Journal. Like this FlyBaby said, it works for any special event!


We have a Red Office in a Bag for your Holiday Control Journal   


You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?

Words can be KIND or MEAN; the CHOICE is yours in 2013!
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