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Do you find packing for trips stressful — especially when you're responsible for getting family members packed up as well? I did too!

Try following these three strategies and your packing will be thorough, you’ll have everything you need and you won’t be spending valuable vacation time shopping for things you’ve forgotten.

We all deserve a vacation after the last year. So whether you are traveling now or later, these methods are sure to help you eliminate the stress of packing.
 Safe Travels!
1. Customizable Packing Lists

Here’s a picture of the two packing lists I use for every trip.

Years ago, I created a packing chart of all the items my family typically needed on a trip. Everyone had their own column so that I could see, at a glance, what we needed to gather. As my kids got older, they were able to use the chart to pack for themselves. 
Each time I take a new trip, I start with this template but then create an updated list specific to the location and save it on my computer for future reference. For example, I have one each for a beach, a hiking and a city vacation.
Click this link for my basic packing list and this link for my toiletry packing list in case you want to save them to your computer and edit for yourself. Across the top is a space for you to assign to each member of your family. I put a check in the box for items that are packed, I draw a line through the box if the item doesn’t apply to that person and I draw a circle for items I’m packing last minute so I can easily see what I still need to put in my bag.

2. Pre-Pack Toiletry Bags
Having your toiletry items always packed in a ‘travel” dopp kit or toiletry bag cuts down the time it takes to pack. Before each trip I take, I always check my pre-packed bag against my Toiletries Packing List in case anything needs to be replenished.
3. Plan Outfits for Each Day of the Trip​

I lay out each outfit I want to wear on my trip, including shoes, jewelry, and accessories to make sure I am bringing just enough but not too much.
The advantages of this approach are:
  • I don’t have to wonder if I packed the right things;
  • I increase the possibility of only carrying on and not checking a bag.
I’ll never forget the disappointment and inconvenience of having my luggage lost on a flight. It showed up two days into our trip, but it converted me into a “carry-on” traveler who packs so carefully that I rarely check a bag.

Using these three strategies will help you feel calm and confident about packing for your trip whenever and wherever your next travels take you!
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