The Maine Tobacco HelpLine - Here to Help
The MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence hopes that this email finds you well during this unprecedented and challenging time. While many things are understandably different right now, we wanted to reach out and ensure you that the services and support offered through the Maine Tobacco HelpLine continue to be available.

The influx of news and necessary physical distancing practices due to the coronavirus pandemic can cause extra stress. Those who use tobacco products or who have recently quit tobacco are not immune from these challenges and may need extra support to quit or prevent relapse.
We're Here to Help!
With all of the needed adaptions to regular schedules and routines, we want to ensure you that the Maine Tobacco HelpLine remains an operational, available service for anyone in Maine interested in quitting tobacco.

Choose from a variety of digital and phone based programs to meet tobacco users where they are in their quitting process. Mainers can choose from the robust integrated phone counseling program or from one of our new standalone digital services.

  • Call 1-800-207-1230 for support.
  • Receive support through the web portal at
  • Providers can continue to refer individuals to this evidence-based service through existing methods.

Please direct any questions to
Stress Management Tips and Tools
We recognize that this can be a challenging time for all, including those who use tobacco products or are trying to maintain a tobacco-free lifestyle. We have compiled some stress management tips that we hope you and those you service find useful.

Helpful Messages:
  • During times of stress '1 day at a time' is a good way to cope. Sometimes with quitting this can be '5 minutes at a time'. When you’re feeling overwhelmed don't think about the coming days, try focus on getting through the next 5 minutes without smoking. 

  • When something stressful happens that disrupts your everyday life its normal to think that 'now is not a good time to quit'. But because smoking is such a strong habit, tied to our daily routines, disruption of those routines can make it a good time to quit. As you adapt and make new habits smoking need not become a part of your day.

  • By choosing to quit you are doing the most important thing within your control to help you, your family & your community stay well. Your body begins to heal within hours of quitting. Congratulations on taking this important step, we are here for you!

  • A slip is not a relapse – it’s just a bump in the road. But how you think about it can impact what happens after. If you think ‘I’ve blown it – I might as well keep smoking’ then you probably will. If you think ‘I smoked a bit but still want to quit’ – you can recommit to your quit right then.

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While the Maine Tobacco HelpLine continues to be an available resources, we will also be sharing positive tips and relapse prevention messages on The QuitLink social media channels. Please feel free to share these with your social networks to spread information and support.

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