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Managing Your Stress During the the COVID-19 Crisis

Free Webinar, Tuesday, April 14 at 1:00 - 1:45 pm
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Today more than ever, stress levels are rising. Fears of Covid-19
are compounded by social isolation, confinement, loss of routine
and, for many, loss of job and income. Many are now feeling
helpless, powerless, anxious and confused. If ever there was
a time to master new stress management skills, it's  NOW !

The Professional Development Collaborative is proud to announce Kathryn McGlynn  will lead a free webinar sharing with you an array of easy to learn stress management tools. Her class will help you cope with the challenge of managing your mental and physiological responses to today's Covid-19 crisis.

It is well known that our physiological response to psychological stressors adversely impacts the functioning of our immune system. Ms. McGlynn will share several techniques that engage your parasympathetic nervous system - your 'rest and digest' system - helping you create peace of mind. You'll learn how to relax your mind while you flood your body with healing chemistry, also giving your immune system a boost.
You'll discover how to shift your focus from the panic and helplessness of the unknown to the confidence of doing what helps you stay centered, rational and resourceful.

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