Become More Stress Resilient
3 Simple Steps To Decrease Stress
and Create a Quiet Peaceful Mind
These past seven months have brought
many challenges to many people,
myself included.

Looking back now, I realize I was stuck
in the 'freeze' aspect of the stress response,
sometimes called 'Fight, Flight or Freeze'.

At first, I adapted and enjoyed staying
home and slowing down and having
time to explore inner paths that had
beckoned for awhile.

And then I gradually withdrew from
the world.

Bit by bit, I have emerged again and
am finally offering group hypnosis
seminars once more.

It feels good!

Join me, will you?

Learn how to raise your stress resiliency
threshold and reduce the negative effects
on your body, mind, and relationships.

In tonight's seminar, you'll learn quick
ways to calm your mind, create balance,
eliminate drama, and self-soothe in
healthy ways.

Enjoy a group hypnosis session designed
to teach you how to relax and stay calm,
even under the most stressful conditions.
Tickets: $25.00
This is a 1 hour virtual seminar on Zoom.
BONUS: Free hypnosis Relaxation mp3
included ($12.00 value)
Date: Thurs Oct 15, 2020
Time: 7:00 - 8:00 PM

Preregistration and prepayment are required.
To register, click on the Paypal button HERE
to pay and indicate you are registering for
the Stress seminar.
After payment is received, your Zoom link
and seminar materials will be emailed to you.
The seminar will be recorded. If you are
unable to attend, register anyway and
you'll receive the class recording, mp3
and class materials. 
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23 Signs You May Have Too Much Stress in Your Life

Here's a great resource for you today
to learn some of the manifestations
of stress.

Be sure to click through to the Tapping Meditation that is offered in the article.
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This is a brief resource I provided
a while ago. It can be very helpful
to incorporate Mindfulness into
your daily life.

This short four-part course, taught
by Judith Simmer-Brown, offers
instructions related to each lesson
to help you bring mindfulness
more fully into your daily life.
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"For fast-acting relief, try slowing down."

~ Lily Tomlin
 Actress, Comedian
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