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Stress Can Take a Bite Out of Your Oral Health 

You already know that stress can be physically harmful. It can raise blood pressure, cause severe headaches and impact your immune system. What’s often overlooked is that stress can also take a toll on your mouth. If you’re feeling the pressure lately, pay extra attention to your oral health.

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The Facts of a Tooth's Life

When you're born, your teeth may be out of sight, but they're still hard at work developing! In fact, teeth usually don't start to emerge from the gums until babies are about 6 months old. Follow the life cycle of a tooth to learn all about how the journey begins. 

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Much Ado About Matcha

Matcha powder, made from ground green tea leaves, has become trendy in recent years. Its slightly sweet taste is featured in teas, lattes, smoothies and desserts. However, its powers have been known in Japan for thousands of years. Learn more about the potential health benefits of matcha. 

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Sugar Damages Teeth, Let's Not Sugarcoat It

You’ve probably heard sugar damages your teeth since you were a young child. But do you know why? As much as you might like sugar, the bacteria in your mouth are even more fond of it. Bacteria feed on sugar, forming dental plaque that becomes acidic and makes holes in your teeth. See how easy it can be to cut down on sugar and limit its effects on your teeth.

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Mouth Healthy Recipe: Sweet Potato Burgers

We know summer doesn't start until you fire up the grill! These sweet potato burgers are a fun twist on the traditional backyard BBQ burger. Plus, they're packed with extra veggies and nutrients your mouth craves, like calcium. Give this recipe a try and don't blame us when your friends and family get back in line for second helpings. 

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Dentist Spotlight: Dr. Kent Tuttle of Kent Dental 

Say hello to Dr. Kent Tuttle of Kent Dental in Scottsdale, Arizona! Dr. Tuttle specializes in cosmetic and restorative dentistry and his practice also offers services for TMJ, sleep apnea, oral surgery, laser dentistry, clear aligners and sedation dentistry. 

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