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2 Sessions Remaining

Morphogenetic Stress Web Removal

3rd Session ~ This Saturday, January 18



It is the morphogenetic stress web, which has its tenacious tentacles around all of our bodily matter.

This stress web is what imprisons us to the carbon-based encodement. It ages us and sustains dense feedback loops, keeping us in boxed thinking, unresolved addictions, reactive emotional triggering, mental disparities, nervous habits and more.

It is this webbing that shrouds our crystalline seals and keeps us locked into a time-coded reality of degenerative programming.


The declining ability of the body to respond to stress is primarily due to the constancy of identifying the Self with human mortality. This deeply held identification activates the degenerative program that runs the body through a time-coded ageing sequence built into the operation of the nervous and endocrine systems.   


When we reach a certain number of years, the biological age alarm goes off, initiating a cascade of pro-inflammatory genetic signals that ultimately results in deterioration, propagating cell death throughout the body.   


Let's join as one group body with intention to release this carbon matrix and rebirth into a new life of limitless potential!


The stress web must be removed before the solar encoded rays and their ionic radiation can be fully conducted to mutate our atomic core. 


The stress web must be removed to open the crystalline seals and activate more DNA strands in order to progress into our full human genetic potential. 

As advanced as we are in our intellectual understandings, many of us do not have the ability to pull this obstinate webbing up and out by ourselves.




Morphogenetic Stress Web Removal  

Get Yourself Unlocked!


3rd Session  
This Saturday, January 18  
This is an etheric surgical procedure through light technology and energy transference, occurring for the entire group as a whole and on each individual simultaneously. You will lie down comfortably in a quiet space to receive this 45-minute session. 


Two out of four progressive sessions are remaining... this is a phased removal process with bodily integration and recalibration in between.

The beneficial effect of this procedure will be different for everyone depending on your personal evolutionary blueprint and level of light body activation.

It is not guaranteed that the webbing will lift entirely, however, it will trigger a major loosening to set into momentum its eventual dissolve. Your life WILL change. Complete removal goes hand in hand with mastering the human perception.  

We will post many people's experiences and share what is happening on a regular basis. Please read all information that we are putting out on this, including the articles so that you have full understanding of what we are doing and why.  Collective intention is key. 


We are well underway with these sessions with extraordinary results. It is not too late to join the group, two sessions remain.  


Saturday, December 21, 2013  (completed)

Saturday, January 4, 2014         (completed) 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014



Choose one time to receive this session and as this syncs with your home time zone.
One session per date is sufficient. 

1. Sydney, Australia: 6 pm in the evening  

2. London, England: 9 am in the morning
3. New York, USA:  8 pm in the evening  


Time Clock Conversion



Please go to this page for all other details. 





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