Stress and Financial Concerns During the Coronavirus

Earlier this month, CancerCare's Marlee Kiel was interviewed by NPR about how those with cancer are dealing with the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Her comments, reflected in the article "Pandemic Deepens Cancer's Stress And Tough Choices," address the ways these concerns are not simply related to health, which are considerable, but also to finances.

Not only have many lost their jobs, they may have lost insurance coverage or have only expensive coverage options left to them. If they are still working, it may be in environments where safety is not assured. Many personal resources may no longer be available, forcing them to potentially put off necessary medical procedures or cut back on prescriptions in order to handle other costs. "All of the stressors that have already existed for cancer patients," she says, "and now they're managing everything all at once on triple the scale."

CancerCare is working hard to help handle these difficulties. In the course of this pandemic, we have not only maintained our services, we have expanded our efforts in many ways. It is because of the generosity of our donors that our oncology social workers are able to help with the emotional and practical concerns of anyone affected by cancer and our Co-Payment Assistance Foundation is able to provide direct financial assistance to clients in key ways.

How long we will face the impacts of COVID-19 is not known, but CancerCare will work tirelessly as long as it is here. Thanks to our donors, we can continue to be as supportive as possible. For more information about our coronavirus resources, please visit us here. For information about CancerCare generally, please visit
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