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Three fast facts
we'll discuss in this
week's Workshops

1. Urges to eat due to external hunger are brief, relatively predictable, and defeatable.

2. When we step back to observe our emotions and cravings, we can recognize urges to eat as a passing moment. This can reduce our
desire to eat.

3. Learning to respond to emotions and cravings in new ways can
help us lose and maintain weight.
How to Deal With Cravings—and Emotional Eating

"I'm so busy, and stressed...Please get me a donut!"

"It's been a tough day, let's relax and make dinner!"

Sound familiar? Eating when you're not actually hungry is 100% normal and can 100% be changed.
Try this
1. Get comfy and close your eyes.😔
Focus on your breathing.

2. Picture an ocean with gentle waves. ‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵
Notice how they rise, fall, and disappear. Again and again!

3. Imagine 💭 each wave as whatever is driving you to eat.
It could be a stressful day at work or just general life frustration. Watch as each thought, feeling, or the urge itself passes you by.

4. Acknowledge and accept what you're feeling and thinking.
After 2 minutes , take three deep breaths and come back to the present moment.

We'll dive a little deeper...this week in your Workshop
We aren’t saying this meditation is a permanent fix, but recognizing and accepting what may be driving you to eat can help you take back control and allow the urge to pass on its own. The key to staying on track is having a way to respond to those triggers.
Four reasons you'll reach your goal weight
What happens at Workshops?
If you’re yet to visit a Workshop (in-person or virtual!), you may have wondered how it works. Here’s a rundown of what to expect - from private coaching to lively group discussions.

1. Wellness check-in
You’re first greeted by your WW Coach, who chats to you about your progress over the past week either in-person or via the chat function in Zoom. Known as a Wellness Check-in, this one-on-one session allows you to reflect on what’s going well and what’s challenging you. Your Coach will also help you set your intentions for the week ahead. You'll be asked whether or not you want to weigh in--it's your choice. If attending a Virtual Workshop, you simply weigh yourself at home and share your weight with the Coach during the private check-in if you want. It’s entirely up to you—and, if you choose to weigh yourself, the numbers are seen only by you and your Coach. It’s a completely private and confidential process.

2. Talk with Members, get encouragement, ideas, meet new people who you may discover have lots more in common with you than just getting healthy ... One group formed a walking group and named themselves The Turtles
While the Coach continues their Wellness Check-ins, you can sit back and catch up with the other members in your group. Some might be long-time WW members; others might just be starting their journey and are keen to pick up tips and strategies from more experienced members. It's a friendly and supportive community to share, motivate and inspire each other. Members in addition to arranging walking groups, do meet-ups, and coffee catch-ups that you can take part in. Another great way to keep connected to the WW Community is with Connect via the WW member app. Follow members, join groups and share your journey in our private community. It's like Instagram for WW Members Only!

3. Learn healthy habits
Once everyone has checked in, the WW Coach leads a 20 to 30-minute Workshop on a topic related to healthy living and behavioral change. One week you might discuss how to prepare healthy meals; another week, you might work on building your self-confidence.

NOTE / Virtual Workshop:
Friday, April 15th - Reading - 5:00 pm will be closed for Holiday
Sunday, April 17th - NO passcode needed for Sunday's (Easter) Virtual Workshops
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This week's letter from Deb
Voice and General Manager of WW Philadelphia
April 13, 2022
Good Day WW Philadelphia Members!

Willpower, what is it and where can you buy it?

One description is pretty easy; willpower is when the desire to lose another 1/4 pound is stronger than eating a couple more cookies and not counting them into your plan. Willpower could be described as that special strength that sees you through and into the next day.

The process of applying willpower is one bite at a time. We always have the do-over coming up in the next meal. The lack of willpower happens when the do-over gets pushed further and further ahead until the pounds gained back seem overwhelming.

Finding a method of keeping WW fresh for you is something that might keep your willpower intact. It is not easy for a seasoned Member to act like a new Member but if you think about that first week or month on WW months or years ago and the success that occurred you might find the desire to apply yourself again in the same way. 

Now for many of us, the program has changed many generations and thankfully so; I don’t want to count my fruit intake or eat no more than 4 eggs per week. I’m not talking about working that old program, I’m suggesting duplicating the enthusiasm we had for doing this THING for ourselves.

One way to remind ourselves of that feeling is to hear a new Member’s excitement in a workshop. I LOVE hearing about the success of others, both the first 10 pounds and the 110 pounds. Sometimes the new Member sounds a little like the message that was going on in my head when I lost 11 pounds in my first week. I was quickly calculating how fast I could be at goal and get done with this parade.

Another possibility is to review your current plan materials and browse the app. Something that didn’t speak to you the first time might be yelling loudly at you now and there might even be a recipe or two that you thought you would try at the time but never got around to it.

Maybe try plotting out what a successful day would look like. How many PersonalPoints would you use for your meals and snacks? Would you want to plan in a special sweet or adult beverage? Scale success doesn’t happen by accident!

Remember your WHY. It could be the blood pressure and the knee pain or it could be your spouse, children, or others. We all have a reason and getting in touch with that reason can strengthen the willpower.

Do something that makes you a little more body conscience. Our bodies are wonderful things at all sizes. Allow your body to show you what it can do; walk, stretching, hiking, playing and more.

Eat a new food or one you haven’t eaten for a long while. The season is changing and a ZeroPoint vegetable soup could be a tasty starter for any lunch or dinner. There are some studies showing consuming a clear broth soup before a meal helps prevent overeating.

Willpower isn’t for sale, it is where YOU find it and where you create it.

Thank you for reading the newsletter this week!

Be kind always,
General Manager
The WW 4 Pillars of PersonalPoints
Eat Better Eat Real Food! • Move More Move It! Ready? Set? Go!
Be Mindful Make Your Mind Smile! • Sleep Well Get Enough Shut-eye!
Food: How to outsmart stress-eating!
Activity: Go from the couch to brisk walking!
Mindset: How to beat emotional eating!
Sleep: The science behind sleep, weight loss and weight gain!
Easy Passover recipes
Seder I: This go-all-out menu is easy and elegant
Seder II: Celebrate spring’s flavors and colors
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“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” —Jon Kabat-Zinn
“And I pause for a while.” —Pink Floyd
“After a storm comes a calm.” —Matthew Henry
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