Stressed out?
We have something for that - LAVENDER
Who'da thought that smelling a specific flower could impart calm and relaxation? It's not just woo-woo stuff, either. Science backs it up. And HoofPrints' products reviewers agree.
Author/blogger Kristina Kuzmic posted this amusing meme on Instagram a while back. While she notes that being buried in lavender on her bed did not seem to reduce her own stress level, has mountains of data that suggest Lavender does merit consideration for helping folks deal with stress and a number of other maladies.

This study seemed to be the most comprehensive; the links and citations lead to even more supporting documents, so I feel good about using and recommending these products. There are fancy diffusers available to disperse essential oil smells, but I personally employ a very low-tech method - my absorbent drink coaster. I put a few drops of oil on that, and the heat from my coffee cup activates the scent.
Can smelling lavender help your horse to relax and behave better?
Science says that it can.
Journeys™ Calming Lavender Essentials for Horse & Rider is a 3-product collection designed for horse and rider - formulated by Indiana perfumery Annie Oakley.
These fragranced products are an all natural tool to promote effective training and to ease tension. There is significant scientific evidence to confirm that lavender really works to promote calm and relaxation in both horses and humans!
Journeys™ creates positive experiences between horse and rider
Journeys™ primary ingredient, Lavender Essential Oil, has been clinically proven to be effective for calming horses, facilitating learning or drama-free farrier/veterinary encounters. Journeys™ offers handlers a way to surround their horse with the soothing scent of lavender... in the stall, on saddles and blankets, on riders' clothing and hands, and on the horse's muzzle.
And it's not just for horse and rider
My mail lady was here when I was working on a lavender-scented freebie magnet project (which consisted of two sprays on the back of each magnet before putting them in orders). She commented on how wonderful the warehouse smelled, and I proceeded to tell her about lavender's many health benefits, including restful sleep. As the mother of a five-year-old who didn't want to go to sleep at bedtime, her ears perked up immediately. She ended up buying a bottle to try... and is thrilled with the results.

Check out her review:
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This product has been a real life saver for our family. Having a husband who works third shift (he needs to sleep during the day) and also a five year old child who has difficulty falling and staying asleep, I use this spray every single night for my son and I. My husband was very skeptical about a spray designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It wasn’t long and he was asking me 'where’s the sleep spray?' Our five-year-old is non-stop all day and has a hard time calming down before bedtime. He also asks for me to spray his sheets and pillows. It smells wonderful and really does help you relax naturally so you can enjoy a good night's sleep."

Sandy from NY tells us that Journeys™ helps her difficult Thoroughbred stand still for the farrier
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "My rescue Thoroughbred came with lots of issues. Biggest being farrier time. He has come a long way and my farrier has been very kind and caring with him. Today I used calming Lavender muzzle rub and wow! It was the best trim yet. He payed attention and was very calm. Also used on my old timer donkey and he loved it.❤️
HoofPrints' Horseshoer Hand Soap has been super popular
And with the last delivery, artisan Laura from Victorian Apothecary surprised me with a fun Lavender and Sweet Orange bar that she'd made up as an experiment. Complete with embossed horseshoes and a dusting of glitter on top, it was absolutely perfect in every way.
I could hardly wait for the production batch to cure (that process takes weeks) so I could tell you all about them. They smell heavenly. And the formula is a perfect blend of mild abrasives to take off barn grunge, and emollient ingredients to protect your skin from drying.
There's still time to get a horsey Valentine's Day gift!
HoofPrints is your source for unique stuff that no other store carries!
Over half of the products in the current HoofPrints catalog were designed by HoofPrints owner Gina Keesling, with farriershorse and dog lovers in mind.

Don't need to buy anyone a gift? We've got that covered, too.
Treat yourself instead!
Here's a fun selection of horsey items that were popular pics at Christmas time, but it's not all just bling. Tuff Chix Fleece Gloves and Tuff Chix Chore Gloves are still flying off the shelves, as horsewomen all over the country need their hands warm and protected when they go to the barn. At the same time, they're grabbing the Barn Blade Pink Knife, with it's handy second blade that's built into the handle - always ready to cut the strings on a bale of hay. All that outdoor work is tough on your hands, whether they're covered with gloves or not, so our own specially formulated Horse Woman's Skin Balm is just the thing to moisturize and heal your chapped skin and ragged cuticles.
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