March, 2018

On one of the recent Responding to the call of our times sessions, I was speaking with a climate scientist about her great passion for bringing tools like Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and The Work that Reconnects to other climate scientists, and the challenges she faces in doing so. Unlike her, most of the scientists she deals with are uncomfortable with expression of emotion and other aspects of these bodies of work that they deem "irrational." What can she do to bridge this divide?

This is one of an endless array of big and small questions that arise when we begin to take seriously that we are in a time of crisis in human evolution, and that the choice of so many millions of us, across the globe, to "just live our own individual lives" is contributing, collectively, to the disintegration of our delicate web of life. This conversation was happening in the context of each of us finding our strengths and challenges as we step into more of our power to care for the whole, without waiting for others to do it. (For more on this, see my recent article in Nonviolence Magazine , " Nonviolence is Taking Responsibility for the Whole.")

Bridging divides with loving imaginationbridging
I spontaneously began embodying an imaginary scientist like the ones she described, and engaged the group of 70+ people in imagining how they would respond to me. While, as that scientist, I liked some of their responses, I was surprised to see that none of them fully embraced me. Somehow, I experienced all of them as asking me to come to their world - of passion; of unquantifiable "connection" (whatever they meant by that strange word); of appealing to human emotions, which, in my role, I thought of as dangerous - instead of coming to visit my world, even for a few seconds. I then offered the group what I believe would have connected with the skeptic: letting him know that they heard his deep commitment to finding tools that he was confident could bridge the gap with the public. Just when I said that, the real climate scientist in the room was surprised to recognize that she, too, wanted that. The tools they wanted were different. The aim was identical.

It is through imagination that we cross the apparent raging water that separates us from those who are at odds with us. The wider the gap, the more imagination is needed to discover the human being on the other side: like us, with the same needs, same basic desires, and different worldview or beliefs about what works. Once we have the bridge, we can work together on creating solutions that work for all of us to practical problems we share. Across our different worldviews, we can find our way to imagine each other's experience and engage with it as we look for the path forward that takes us somewhere together. This quality, that imaginative leap, is modeled beautifully in a recent Ted Talk, where Valerie Kaur speaks of " revolutionary love" and what she learned about crossing lines of separation and hatred, even towards people who killed a dear family friend because of being a Sikh.

Interdependent leadershipinterdependent
Do you find this kind of imagination challenging? Or is imagination and bridging gaps with others one of your strengths? In my recent blog post, you can find clear, practical steps to find and capitalize on your strengths, and set up ways of compensating for your challenges. I'd like to imagine a whole host of us engaging in this work and moving together, trusting that, amongst us collectively, there will always be someone who has the talent, skills, willingness (or even passion), and availability to do everything needed to find a path into the future. We cannot do this alone, and we cannot leave it to others. Let's step into the discomfort and mystery of imagining that we can, each and all of us.

in peace and hope,

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