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April 6, 2018

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In coordination with this national effort, we are taking part in the #SafetyTogether educational campaign through our Long Beach Hospitality Alliance, a chamber business council that represents the local hospitality industry and serves as a liaison to the greater Long Beach area community. A local effort is under way by Long Beach hotels, the hospitality industry, businesses and community leaders in order to raise awareness of sexual assault and share resources available to help prevent sexual violence and support victims.

Earlier this week, Long Beach Hospitality Alliance provided an update on safety protocols and partnerships to local city leaders, including the Mayor and City Council members. The Chamber's Senior Vice President contributed a letter to The Grunion that speaks to the ongoing efforts of our Alliance when it comes to employee safety. The letter is below and we encourage you to participate in this #SafetyTogether educational campaign with us.

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Randy Gordon
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The Grunion
Safety Together
By Jeremy Harris, Senior VP, Chamber of Commerce, LB Hospitality Alliance
April 5, 2018
Safety is the number one priority for Long Beach's hospitality industry. Every year, our hotels serve millions of guests and employ thousands of workers. Knowing this great responsibility, we administer many safety protocols and programs that aim to protect our employees and guests from harm.
We very much appreciate input from the Long Beach City Council, and appreciated their wise approach last fall that rejected an over-reaching ordinance with restrictive mandates that had nothing to do with the safety of employees and guests.
This week, we are sharing a safety progress report with the City Council. We are proud to say that each alliance hotel has provided housekeepers and employees who work alone with an employee safety device. We have also provided training to ensure employees know how to properly use the device.
Moreover, we have conducted more than 1,000 hours of safety training for employees over the past year. This includes sexual harassment prevention trainings, personal self-defense classes through Force Training Institute, trainings to identify and report human trafficking with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Salvation Army, as well as partnering with the WomenShelter of Long Beach on domestic violence awareness.
As a part of National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we are also launching our #SafetyTogether educational campaign with other business and community organizations to elevate awareness of sexual assault and educate employees and customers on resources available to report assault, support survivors and prevent sexual violence.
We believe that one assault is too many and we are encouraging everyone to join together to prevent future incidents.
As local employers in this great city, we are your partners. Together, we know that we can keep our community safe for each of us to enjoy.

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