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January 24, 2018
Mayor and Councilmembers Agree: Oppose Rent Control
Recently, the Pacific West Association of REALTORS® (PWR) announced that Mayor Dr. Robert Garcia and seven councilmembers stated in writing when they first ran for their current office that they opposed rent control, and two councilmembers verbally confirmed their opposition to rent control.
Yesterday, the Long Beach Business Journal covered the issue via its NEWSFLASH e-blast and it can be viewed by clicking here.  The Chamber has gone on record numerous times opposing rent control. One of the many reasons is due to the statewide housing shortage. More units are needed more than ever and if rent control was to be enacted locally, or even statewide, it would deter developers from building more housing.
Now that our local elected leaders are on record as opposing rent control, we can shift the conversation back to fixing the housing crisis locally. It will take numerous groups, policy makers, and other interested parties to find the right solutions. What we do know is rent control is not one of them.
Join us in thanking our elected officials in opposing rent control and tell those who demand it, Long Beach is not the place!

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Randy Gordon
President and CEO
Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
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