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April 2, 2019
Tonight, the Long Beach City Council will consider language for a proposed tenant relocation assistance ordinance. To view this agenda item along with the 262 page staff report click here.
The Chamber has worked with several members, community partners, local property owners and statewide organizations to issue the following letter that was sent earlier today to the Mayor and City Council Members. To view this letter click here. The letter is from stakeholders - many of whom have met with the Mayor and several council members leading up to this item being addressed at city council - which provides our concerns and our solutions to our local electeds.
We understand the need for Long Beach to do its part in the statewide housing crisis. We also applaud the Mayor and City Council for undertaking this effort - no small or easy task. What we would like to convey and continue to support are the property rights of our members and partner organizations while seeking solutions to assist with the local and regional housing shortage. We know doing nothing is not the right answer however; we need to ensure that the progress that is being made throughout our city is not slowed or investment in new housing is not deterred.
If you are interested in weighing in on this agenda item, join us tonight at City Hall at 5:00pm or contact your elected official directly by click here.

...and that's Strictly Business.

Randy Gordon
President and CEO
Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

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