Ecuadorian Strike Update
Dear Friends, After an eventful October we are happy to report that Ecuador is at peace and life has returned to normal. Please continue to pray for the country and its leadership as they negotiate future decisions and seek to find common ground for the best of all Ecuadorian citizens. There continue to be whispers of a "return strike" if the ongoing negotiations don't go, we are prepared for another unrest and fully intend to ride it out again if it comes to that. Our prayer is that this is not the case.
As you know, God's church is often grown and matured through hardship. This is no different here in Ecuador during this time. Our hope is in the freedom and future Christ offers us - not in political stability or common ground. We are having many strategic conversations with the tribal and national leaders in our lives - asking about their hopes and fears, pointing them to Hope and Comfort. Our prayer is that each individual is influential in their circles as we walk with them and coach spiritually (not politically) through this difficult time.
Kitchen Tour and Ministry of Hospitality
Our kitchen was featured on one of Tina's favorite expat blogs. During this Thanksgiving Season of celebration around the table we hope you enjoy a "tour" of our kitchen and a glimpse into the great fun we have together in this space.

In our ministry we seek to open the doors of our home and add as many chairs as needed to the table. So much is worked out with a cup of tea in hand; so many connections made through shared food and slow, intentional time together.

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Sowing Seeds and Surrendering the Harvest
Faithfulness. Gods' been teaching us about faithfulness--in the hectic times, faithfulness during the discouraging times and during the seasons of lots of sowing and not much reaping. Personal growth takes a lifetime and discipleship is just that - accompanying one another as we grow. We are so thankful for God's perfection and sovereignty as we seek to honor him and to be faithful in our day-to-day life and ministry. We trust God for the reaping as we joyfully sow seeds where God has planted us.

Right now we have the great joy of helping our dear friends plant a greenhouse garden in their community. Their neighbors have many spiritual and physical needs. We are honored to be contributors to their vision to meet physical needs and to earn the right to speak into the spiritual needs of their friends and neighbors. Please pray for our friends as they lead this outreach and for us as we support them.
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