February 2022
A graph showing more than 65000 lines tracking students on their college journey A nearly solid block of blue lines is at the top while the middle section is mostly red lines with some scattered blue and green lines weaving through and the bottom quarter i
#DegreesNYC Report Takes Aim at Barriers to College

This remarkable new study traces more than 65,000 NYC students on their journeys through school and finds that those who aren't on the path to higher education by 9th grade are overwhelmingly unlikely to get a degree.
"Now I Want to Go to College"

Kevin was one of those students who never felt like he was on the college track. After getting his GED at the Isaacs Center, he realized his ambitions—and his sense of self—were changing.
Upcoming Events
WHAM Festival Celebrates Women in the Arts
This year's edition of our beloved monthlong festival includes an art exhibition, an original staging of Pride and Prejudice, a kid-friendly cooking show, Upper West Side stories, an exploration of African-American opera divas, and more! Make your WHAM plans now.
RSVP for our Book Chat with Baby, Unplugged Author Sophie Brickman
A light blue rectangle with a darker blue circle with the words Baby Unplugged One Mother's Search for Balance Reason and Sanity in the Digital Age Book Chat and an image of the front cover of Baby Unplugged
Tuesday, March 8, 6 PM: Sophie Brickman's Baby, Unplugged: One Mother’s Search for Balance, Reason, and Sanity in the Digital Age is a candid, often hilarious look at parenting in a screen-obsessed world. "For parents wondering whether to bring gadgets into the nursery, this will be an invaluable tool.” - Publishers Weekly starred review
Instagram of the Month
A small child in a pink sweatshirt waves a gauzy blue fabric over two children lying on the stage at the Joan of Arc School
West Side Beacon Program Director Roy Baptiste has been organizing Peace Day annually for more than 20 years to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and his vision of community. This year's Peace Day featured a group of children performing a play they wrote called Hannah and the Community Garden of Dreams, about a girl who starts a garden in a vacant lot. Soon the whole neighborhood is involved in nurturing the plants and an annual harvest dinner is born. In the photo above, the students lying on the stage are portraying seeds.