May 5, 2021
Gratitude and Guidance

It’s almost time for the most beautiful week of the year at Rowan University.

After Saturday’s virtual University-wide ceremony, Monday will kick off Commencement Week. During the week, more than 3,600 seniors will graduate in 20 socially distanced ceremonies over four days. Clad in caps and gowns, our grads will proceed across the stage on the University Green to accept their diploma covers. It’s a moment where they walk alone, joyfully basking in the cheers of their loved ones and friends.

But, as the saying goes, we stand on the shoulders of giants. And Commencement season is a reminder--to every one of us--that we should express gratitude to those who have helped us become better students, co-workers, friends…and human beings. Now’s the time to text someone who was in your corner to say, “I heard your voice in my head today. Thank you for your guidance.” Now’s the time to email someone you haven’t connected with in a while and say, “Your influence helped me through a difficult time in my life.” Now’s the time to pick up a pen and drop a line to say, “I’m grateful for the time you spent with me. Thank you for sharing the very best of yourself with me.”

Now is the time....Because when we think deeply about others who have helped us in our lives - and then express that gratitude in tangible, real ways - we all thrive.

 -Barbara Baals
Media & Public Relations
Assistant Director
A letter to the graduating seniors,

Our team enjoyed providing this newsletter to the university community. We hope it made you think differently, try something new, or take action to support your well-being. The past year brought challenges, but you showed resilience and persistence. Know you are still a part of this Rowan community and we hope you keep connecting back. Stay connected through the Office of Alumni Engagement and through ProfsConnect.  

Be Well,
Kevin George, Katie Huber, Allie Pearce & Melissa Ulmer
Rowan Thrive Newsletter Editors

*Looking forward, we will take a small break and plan monthly summer newsletters.
Summer in higher education is a time of transition. Wherever you may be on your academic journey, the summer is an excellent time to kick-start your career. If you are searching for your first full-time job, internships, or just something for a bit of money this summer, keep these tips in mind:

  • Set Clear Goals for your Search: Be sure to write your summer goals down, including the companies and what opportunities you applied for.
  • Work with the Office of Career Advancement: Do you know where to search for jobs? Is your resume ready? Do you need a mock interview? The OCA can help you with all your career questions. 
  • Focus on Skill Development: not everyone has the ideal summer work/internship experience, but focus on developing skills to prepare you for your dream internship or job. 

Lastly, looking for jobs of any kind is challenging. It can be even more challenging to hear that you did not get the job or not hear back at all. First, give yourself grace. Second, look for ways to embody a growth mindset and improve your chances of being the selected candidate. Most importantly, keep applying! You never know where your next opportunity may come from. 
Wednesday, 5/5 @ 2 p.m. via Zoom

The vaccines are here — and more and more Americans are becoming vaccinated everyday. How can colleges ensure their students, faculty, staff, and administrators follow suit? And how will it fit into overall campus wellness as campuses reopen?

In this virtual forum, a panel of experts from colleges around the country will convene to examine how colleges can help students flourish both physically and emotionally.
Monday, 5/10 @ 8 a.m. via Webex

Begin your day with a group of fellow Profs and a sense of peace. Dr. Amy Hoch will lead a morning meditation session to help relinquish any worried, tired or stressed out energy weighing heavy on you. 

Meditation is the act of focusing the mind to relax, improve inner awareness and make positive mental/physical changes. Dr. Hoch will use meditation and breathing techniques to reset, recharge and revitalize your spirits.

With all U.S. adults now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine and vaccine passports on the horizon, we’re closer to “normalcy” than we've been in a year.

But if you’re feeling reentry anxiety about a post-COVID-19 world rather than excitement, you’re not alone. This type of “reentry anxiety” is essentially the stress that people feel as it pertains to getting life back to normal. READ MORE.
Tuesday, 5/18 @ 12 p.m.

What does it mean to have an emotionally fit workforce? The trials of 2020 have accentuated the importance and value of being emotionally fit for all.

While protecting employees' physical health seems to have a plethora of strategies, emotional fitness is a hard thing for most employers to grasp, and, how wellness professionals can be supportive.
Wednesday, 5/12 @ 12 p.m. via Webex

This program features two half hour presentations:

The Balancing Act: Multigenerational Professional Women Share their Insights. Career, educating children at home, caring for elder parents, empty nesters and isolation, health and wellness "upkeep"--all in the time of the pandemic

Read to Lead - My Book Club Journey
Wednesday, 5/12 @ 12 p.m. via Zoom

HERO (Health Enhancement Research Organization – Advancing Health, Well-being and Performance Through Employer Leadership) has partnered with University colleagues for a free opportunity where University professionals can connect regularly to discuss key health and well-being issues and practices. This event is a discussion on how diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts can align with well-being efforts at your institution.
Thursday, 5/6 @ 6 p.m. via Zoom

Join us for an hour of music, conversation and all things vinyl. 

All are welcome and turntables optional!
Facebook page #musicismedicine
Thursdays June 3 - July 29

Don’t miss out on the Fourth Annual Summer Fest, every Thursday in June & July from 5:00-9:00pm at the Glassboro Town Square. Enjoy live entertainment with a variety of bands and activities as well as food trucks and local craft beer and wine.

Community gardens are meant to benefit their neighbors, but few are intentionally designed to welcome all gardeners, no matter their abilities. To fill the gap, a new project led by Rowan University is underway in South Jersey to create or renovate seven community gardens to make them more inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities.  READ MORE.
Wednesday, 5/5 @ 7 p.m. via Zoom

Join us for a free virtual group reiki session to take some time for yourself this spring semester - just three sessions left before commencement! Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing that focuses on stress reduction and relaxation through energy work. Whether you are on-campus or off-campus, join a group session via Zoom! Sessions are open to all students, staff, and faculty. The session will be led by Catie Baxter.
Friday, 5/21 @ 12 p.m. via Zoom

Learn the different aspects of banking, banking products, services and procedures and their effect on managing your money.

In this class, we will understand the role of a banker, the creation of money supply, the importance of maintaining a healthy cost-to-income ratio and the basic concepts of accounting, such as assets, liabilities, debits, and credits.

Participants will also learn to balance multiple accounts and understand the difference between mutual funds vs. CDs.

You’ve finished your finals, packed up your dorm room, and drove off into the sunset (or down the street if you live close to your school). After nine months of late night study sessions and endless lectures, you probably feel like doing nothing that requires an ounce of brain activity for the next few months.

I can’t blame you for that! But as great as it might seem to veg out on the couch day after day all summer, the truth is that there are much better things you could be doing to not only get your head back in the right place, but to prepare for the next school year as well. READ MORE.
“The Strive to Thrive newsletter intends to bring you well-being ideas, tips, events, information and ways to connect through all dimensions of well-being (physical, social, emotional, purpose, community, and financial). We hope that this layout reminds you of all of the many ways to nourish, attend to, and elevate your well-being and the well-being of those around you.”
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