September 9, 2020 | Issue 8
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The Summit is THIS Month
Artists Thrive 2020 Virtual Summit
Tues. Sept. 29 – Thurs. Oct. 1
12:00pm-5:00pm EST
Ticket prices based on how close you are to Thriving.

opportunities that bring artist together to support you thrive
Our 2020 Virtual Summit is an incredible space to CONNECT with a national network of artists and arts administrators, funders and educators!
Not sure what ticket to get for the summit?

Complete the Artists Thrive survey! Pick and choose the categories that are most useful to you. Dive in where you want, don't feel obligated to complete the whole survey.

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David Grant speaks on the potential of Artists Thrive. What are you hoping to get out of the summit?
See how powerful the Artists Thrive Summits are for attendees and presenters alike. Did you know we commissioned three poets every year to tell the summit story?
self-care offerings to help you thrive
How about an art break and/or a meditation break? If a relaxed state of mind helps you to be your best self, Davion Alston and Thirsty for Art are what you're looking for.
Art Break:
Invisible Stream
By Davion Alston
Guided Meditation
for Creativity and
Davion Alston focuses on the art of how objects relate to each other in space. This piece shows the beauty of every day objects and every day tasks.
Thirsty for Art guides this meditation to help to get you to a relaxed, calm, and focused state to be in your most productive creative space.
tips from experts to inspire you to thrive
Vox explores what narrative the media portrays about protest and what actually happens at protest. Suzy Kopf, summit speaker, will prepare you to be effective within the changing work model of this time.
How Perspective Paints the Narrative of Protest
Working Through These Challenging Times
Keeping Organized and Staying Focused
on Your Goals
Vox explores what protest news coverage does and doesn't show you. They argue the media's incentive to highlight the most dramatic imagery leaves out much of what protest are actually like out of the public view.

Jason Johnson, also, gives further reading into "What we're missing when we condemn 'violence' at protests".
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This Summit session focuses on strategies for staying organized in the new work landscape of 2020. Suzy Kopf leads this 50 minutes session, and she asks you to complete these tasks before joining her on 9/29 at 1:30pm:
  • Write an exhaustive to do list. Nothing is too big or too small.
  • Log how long you spend on activities you consider to be "work" for one week.
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