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*Note: The State of the Organization Address was written in February 2020 and scheduled to be released in March. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we have postponed this plan and will be sharing with you at this time.
Dear Friends of WTLC,
Take a moment and think back to 2018, when I first served as the Interim CEO. I was less stressed, more rested, and I was put in a situation of substantial organizational transition. However, the significant support from everyone around me has given me the strength and courage to give it my all and I am truly blessed to be part of this great organization.

Today, I will share with you where we are now as an organization and what we hope to achieve in the year ahead. 

But first, I want to thank our supporters who are strong believers of our mission, our Board of Directors who have been partners in everything we do, fellow staff members of my senior and general leadership team, and most importantly, the front-line staff of this great organization. 

2019 was the genesis of a new era for us. After a period of reimagining the role of WTLC in our community through our strategic planning process, we have adopted a broader and clearer vision for us to move forward. Over the past year, we’ve come a long way in achieving that vision, and while there are still many challenges, I’m proud of what we have accomplished together to position us for a better future. And make no mistake, we are beginning a resurgence to become the premier service provider for survivors of abuse and exploitation. 

This State of the Organization Address is to acknowledge and celebrate our success, recognize areas for improvement, and set our priorities for the year ahead. As we all know, we must work together with a common vision to build upon our organization’s accomplishments and move the needle towards ending the cycle of violence. Click here to read the full address. 

With Appreciation,

Jane's Preparation for A Restraining Order Court Hearing During COVID-19
Jane awoke early in the morning, after tossing and turning all night. She felt tired and afraid. If it was any other day, Jane would have simply gone back to bed. But today wasn’t like any other day, today was her court date.

After months of waiting for the family courts to reopen due to COVID-19, she received a letter in the mail stating she had been slated for a court date in two weeks. Upon seeing the letter, she panicked – it had been months since she filed a restraining order and she didn’t know if the court had special new rules or what her court date would look like.

After a few days of panic, Jane received a call from her Legal Advocate at WTLC, Kim. Kim informed her that the courts had started to send out notices for new court dates and inquired if she had received any news.
Support for Survivors Overcoming Substance Misuse and Trauma
Research shows a strong correlation between substance misuse and trauma. As a general term, trauma is an overwhelming event (or series of events) in which a person feels physically or emotionally threatened. The experience of trauma can lead to symptoms of anxiety, depression, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, isolation, difficulty connecting with others, and avoidance of anything that triggers memories of the event.
The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) found that after experiencing a traumatic event such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, violent crime, or even natural disasters, people often turn to substances as a way to cope (2020). The effects of alcohol and drugs serve to numb debilitating feelings or distract from overwhelming emotions.  
Thank You, Richard and Mary Doebler
Thank you to Richard and Mary Doebler, whose generous donation from the Rick and Lisa Doebler Family Fund ensures that WTLC can meet the needs of every survivor who reaches out to us for help. Flexible funding is always important to our organization’s operations, but particularly now, when so many survivors’ situations are especially precarious, gifts like the Doebler Family’s are critical.

Thank you, Richard and Mary Doebler! 
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