The year was 2003!!

Just two years after our first program, Kinetic Kids applied for nonprofit status, and officially became the first nonprofit in San Antonio serving children with special needs in a variety of sports and recreational programs! That year we served 65 children in five programs including: t-ball, gymnastics, dance, music, and art! 

Lots of people helped make our dream a reality, but two special people made a huge impact: Carrie Valdez and Rebecca Greebon!!
Carrie Valdez
Carrie is a pediatric occupational therapist and a former collegiate gymnast who joined Kinetic Kids in 2003. Charged with beginning a gymnastics program, it didn’t take long for Carrie to drive home our mission to prove our Kinetic Kids are unstoppable! Parents and participants were amazed by the skills our Kinetic Kids learned. Carrie now works as an Adaptive Sports Director for our competitive division and together with the help of Jenna Malsbury, this dynamic duo has introduced 12 sports to the competitive divisions allowing athletes to compete against their peers.
While we are beyond grateful for the impact Carrie has had on Kinetic Kids, she is grateful for the impact Kinetic Kids has had on her, “When I think about the impact that Kinetic Kids has had on my life, it’s hard to put into words. I was a parent of a child with special needs, and when my son died there was a huge void in my life. When Tracey asked me to coach gymnastics, I decided it was time for me to jump back into life. It was a perfect place for me to use my therapy skills along with my knowledge and love of gymnastics. Kinetic Kids helped to fill part of the hole in my heart by allowing me to still have a role in the life of children with special needs."

Carrie's fondest recollections...
“I think one of my favorite memories was seeing the friendship develop between Mariah and DiDi, who were in one of my first gymnastics classes. They helped me understand that we were not just providing strength and training for sports, but providing opportunities for kids to meet other kids just like themselves. I loved the sweet bond of friendship that they developed and especially enjoyed hearing about their adventures together outside of Kinetic Kids."
I also remember traveling with our cheerleading team to Florida to compete against other special needs teams from around the world.  When I saw fellow cheerleaders give them hi-fives, and chant encouragement as they passed by them through the event it brought tears to my eyes. The girls beamed inside and out. To be recognized as a fellow cheerleader and not a diagnosis was simply beautiful."
Rebecca Greebon
Rebecca is a pediatric physical therapist and a lifelong dancer. For seven years, Rebecca lead finale after finale showing off the skills of our kids which brought many happy tears to the faces of the families and friends watching. 

Rebecca also helped Kinetic Kids start-up dance programming in New Braunfels! She had been on a hiatus, but all it took was an ask and Rebecca was ready! Dance was our first of many programs to come to the New Braunfels area.
She is grateful for the opportunity to work with Kinetic Kids, "It’s been one of the favorite experiences of my life. I love these kids. I love Tracey and Kacey's vision, and I love them, too! I love the way this organization has grown. I got to combine my love of dance and creatively expressing myself with the kids and families we love to serve. It has been a perfect combination!"

While all of her years with Kinetic Kids are memorable, one stands out in her mind, “The first year. All of it. And especially Kacey and Tracey’s reactions when I told them 'ok, girls. you’re joining us for some brief choreography in the finale and bows.' I cherish so many songs simply because our kids danced to them: Beautiful and You Raise Me Up with the sign language interpreters. I also loved how the kids became such great friends - even having dance parties at sleepovers! Lastly, I remember my son, Luke, volunteering at the New Braunfels dance program. Full circle and filled my heart. He’s been dancing with these kiddos since he was little." 
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