As we continue to stroll down memory lane with Kinetic Kids, there are 2 people who crossed our paths at different times and for different reasons but truly impacted the life of Kinetic Kids! Let’s talk money & makeovers, formation & branding, finances & friends!
Steve Butler
In 2003, after an energizing meeting where we shared our dream with a small group of excited parents and doctors, Peggy Neal introduced us to her longtime friend and walking partner, Steve Butler. As soon as we met Steve, he made an immediate impression! Even though he worked at Darilek Butler accounting firm, he did not intimidate us with a “serious and accountant-like” attitude. In fact, he quickly realized that these young physical therapists lacked any accounting background, so he graciously took us under his wing. 
Since that first meeting, Steve has been integral to the growth, pacing, budgeting, and life-wisdom that has been highly integral to what Kinetic Kids has become today! Steve helped us file all of our initial 501c3 paperwork and has provided financial reporting, payroll, IRS submissions and so many more services, all pro bono, for the last 20 years! From tax advice to reviewing our budget EVERY year, his dedication to the children we serve is invaluable! 

As our organization grew, so did our accounting family. Steve introduced us to Darenda Klentzman who has also quickly become part of the Kinetic Kids family and we are thankful for her assistance, her patience, and her excitement for Kinetic Kids through the years! We are so grateful for the guidance of Steve and Darenda, their guiding hands have helped Kinetic Kids grow into a financially sound and successful nonprofit! 
Nicole Nielsen
If you think about it, you can probably thank your kids for a lot of your great friendships! That's the case with Tracey and Nicole. The Nielsens moved to San Antonio in 2010 and Tracey met Nicole Nielsen on the sidelines of a baseball game where her son, Ty, was playing baseball with Nicole's son, Jack. Ty and Jack quickly became best buds on and off the field and Tracey and Nicole did the same on the sidelines!

Fast forward to the day after Nicole attended her first Hootenanny gala. Tracey asked an innocent question, "what did you think!?" Nicole's immediate response was, "your invite did not tell me how awesome that event was going to be! Can I play around with it?" Tracey's initial “of course you can” opened the floodgates. Nicole has since volunteered to produce our logo, 20th anniversary logo, website, event branding, brochures, fliers, invitations, banners, shirts, publications, annual reports...pretty much if you see it, she probably had a hand in it!!

Nicole's timely arrival, knowledge, passion, and willingness to share her talents filled a large deficit that we did not even realize we we lacking! When we learned she was moving away from San Antonio in 2013, we had a slight moment of panic. But Nicole packed up her passion for Kinetic Kids and she has been volunteering remotely ever since! Truly, Nicole's professional wisdom and advice have been indispensable and we are so thankful that her path crossed Tracey's all those years ago.
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