Cultures Change, People Change, Government's Change: however,
God's Word Endures Forever!

" Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away."

Matthew 24:35

One of the joys of working with my sisters in Christ at home and around the world is that I get to visit with many of them in their homes, in their congregations and in their cultures. We have so many cultural and social differences . . . and so much in common!

We see every day that more ungodliness, more secular humanism, more immorality and more apathy are pervasive in our cultures. We, as Christians, are told that we need to tolerate every ungodly lifestyle because cultures have changed. We are intimidated into keeping quiet about anything the Bible says that would "offend" anyone. We are badgered into believing that we must separate "church and state."

Sisters, that is just not true! The women in the Lord's church are to be salt, light and leaven and we need to love people enough to tell them the truth! We must speak lovingly yet honestly. The Bible gives us instruction in "everything that pertains to life and godliness." And God's Word does not change for the culture.

The majority of children in many cultures are being raised to believe that homosexuality, children born out of wedlock, killing unborn babies, lying, laziness, and co-habitation are "normal." And these are not political issues. These are God-breathed, unchanging biblical issues about which members of the Body of Christ must constantly be reminding the world.

We women can remind them by teaching Bible classes . . . sisters, you need to be teaching! We can do it in our homes . . . sisters, the Bible must be your Happy Home Handbook! We can do it in the workplace . . . both by example and by sharing what a difference Christ makes in our own lives! We can do it in writing . . . you have an opportunity to send as many as 5 devotionals to be used in our upcoming " Sisters, Servants, Soldiers " Devotional book. You can send articles to Christian Woman Magazine . You can write something scriptural using your social media every day. Let's each saturate our little corners of this world with God's Word and use every tool at our disposal to teach the truth that endures forever!

Man's law can never make moral what God has declared immoral!
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Now taking Registrations for The First Annual "Daughters of the King" Workshop to be held July 19-23, 2020, in Columbia, TN!

Our workshop for young ladies who want to dig deeper into God's Word and grow spiritually while having the desire to share The Lord with others and leading ladies is coming to fruition!

Applications are being accepted for the First Annual "Daughters of The King" Workshop to be held at the Lodge at Graymere Church of Christ in Columbia, TN.

We will have outstanding women teachers who will direct our young ladies in classes on how to use study Bibles, concordances and other great resources to enhance their study of God's Word. We are going to focus on the women in the Bible and our biblical roles in the home, the culture, the Body of Christ and in the world. Young ladies will have the opportunity to develop and present lessons and be involved in praying and studying The Word with strong sisters in Christ.

We will be accepting up to 20 young ladies , ages 14-19 , for the days of July 19th - 23rd, 2020. We will be staying at the Graymere Lodge in Columbia, TN, and meals will be provided. The Cost will be $100 for each girl and there will be some scholarships available.

If you have a daughter or are a young lady who would like to be a part of this exciting opportunity, please email us at if you would like further information.

Your congregation or Ladies' Class might also like to sponsor one or two young ladies from your congregation.

Here is the link to download the registration form:

We are asking for you to be praying with us and joining with us in this great goal of developing young women to become strong "Daughters of The King" while living out God's wonderful plan for their lives!

"Sisters, Servants, Soldiers"


February 22, Riverchase, Birmingham, AL
February 29, Coleman Avenue, Memphis

March 7, East Walker, Sumiton, AL
March 13-14, Stilwell Road, Jackson, MS
March 21, East Ridge, Chattanooga

April 4, Center Grove, Gainesboro
April 19, Stantonville, TN
April 25, Medina, Ohio

May 1-2, Spring Valley
May 9, Ackerman, MS
May 16, Spencer, Washington

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We continue taking submissions throughout the next few months for our first SSS Devotional Book . Keep them coming in!

This will be an ongoing project. We plan to publish a new book every two years. So many of you have sent devotionals from your hearts and we can't wait to share them with all of you and our sisters in Christ worldwide!

If you have a suggestion for a Title for our first volume, please send it to We have received some suggestions and will be sharing them with you soon!
Here are the guidelines for our writers:

(1) 150 to 250 words more or less
(2) Include Scripture
(3) Up to 5 submissions per person will be accepted for publication for this first book
(4) Writers name and city will be noted

Submit to:  with  SSS DEVO in the subject line.

God created women as powerful creatures! Throughout the Bible many women made wise decisions and helped build and strengthen the Body of Christ. Women were last at the cross and first to the empty tomb! "Sisters, Servants, Soldiers" is a ministry dedicated to carrying on this legacy of strong women throughout the world today.

"And some of them were persuaded; and a great multitude of the devout Greeks, and not a few of the leading women, joined Paul and Silas."
Acts 17:4

We need your prayers and will use all financial support to build up and strengthen the Body of Christ through strong, biblically sound Sisters, Servants and Soldiers to His glory!

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You may also donate through PayPal . A monthly contribution of any amount will further our ministry! Maybe for some reason you can't go personally, however, your contribution can help one of our sisters go into all the world!

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