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May 2018

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The Rankin lab continues to be steady and strong as they grow in number as well as in their research.
 Thanks to your support

Dr.Erinn Rankin and members of her lab at
Stanford University Medical Center 

Message from
               Sue McCollum

My Blue Dots supports cancer research as well as the cancer warriors. We are currently supporting the work of Dr. Erinn Rankin PhD., Assistant Professor, Stanford University Medical Center. Here is a recent email we received from Dr. Rankin about her research.
"I thank My Blue Dots for all of the support you provide the Rankin Lab. Your funding allows us to continue to focus our research efforts on identifying and developing new therapies for the treatment of cancer. Last year we made significant progress in the identification and validation of a new therapeutic target to treat ovarian cancer. We are very excited about moving this target forward and developing a therapy to test in our preclinical models and then move into clinical trials for patients."
"We have added several new people to the lab whom are also working to identify new therapies to enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy in ovarian cancer patients and to identify new therapies for kidney cancer patients as well. Your funding is an integral part of our lab success and we thank you so much for your support."
The  Rankin lab continues to grow in number as well as in their research thanks to your support.

Cancer will be cured someday....and that day is coming soon.
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Standing With You
to support
our cancer warriors
Pin - Jackie

"I am wearing my Standing With You pin because I am standing with my best friend, Greta, who is at William and Mary as she goes through her cancer challenge."
Jackie Anne McNulty
Stanford University

We are happy to report Greta is doing fine and is cancer free!

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