"Life's most persistent and urgent question is 'What are you doing for others?'"
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cor'Rales Dupree was first introduced to ChildSavers after he was shot by his mom's boyfriend. Cor'Rales was protecting his brother and lost his leg in the altercation. Though he needed physical therapy, he also needed to heal mentally and emotionally.

ChildSavers Chief Executive Officer, L. Robert Bolling, recently sat down with Cor'Rales to discuss his story of resilience.
Today, Cor'Rales takes care of his grandmother as he works on his undergraduate degree in Wisconsin. He also plays professional wheelchair basketball and runs an organization called Protect My Brother, which works to prevent violence and the normalization of violence in our society by establishing unity.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our community's children.
Resources Just For You

  • Why We Stay Home - A free children's book written by two medical students in California. This short story is geared to help children understand the seriousness of COVID-19 while alleviating fears and helping kids cope with change.

  • We are currently accepting children for teletherapy or in-person therapy at our clinic. Contact us to learn more about our mental health services for children and families.

Upcoming Training Opportunities
We offer a variety of free and fee-based opportunities for parents, educators, and community leaders. Sign up for training updates and never miss a training opportunity again.

Take a closer look at incorporating resilience-building strategies into your work with students. This four week, pay-what-you-can series examines three core concepts related to resilience – competence, attachment, and regulation – and how educators can develop, foster, and sustain these practices within their classrooms.

Participants learn to notice how students handle stress and what it looks like when students begin to handle stressors more effectively. Facilitators also discuss how to model resilience for students through reflection and self-care as professionals.

Custom Training Opportunities
If you're looking for more in-depth trauma and resilience training opportunities, contact Mental Health Director and Lead Trauma & Resilience Educator, John Richardson-Lauve, LCSW about our half, full, or multi-day training opportunities - now available via Zoom.
Activities for Toddlers and Young Children
Looking to make a healthy snack with your kids? Put together a few fruit kabobs with our CACFP Supervisor, Joyce Mason! It can help young kids learn fine motor skills, colors, and shapes.
Process art helps toddlers and young children explore their creativity. There is no end goal to process art, it's simply about... the process! Follow along as CDA Manager, Cindy Kern, explains her favorite process art activity with kids.
Donor Spotlight
As we begin a new fiscal year, three leadership volunteers are transitioning from the President of their board to Past President. We are truly grateful for their service and support of our community's children and the role they’ve played in helping thousands of children receive the mental health and development services they need. Thank you, Clint, Devin, and Conrad.
"I feel both honored and humbled to have served as President of the Board during the past two years.  Mental health is just as important as physical health. The mental health of our children is critical not only for their happiness but for their economic and social well being.  Helping the children of our community, especially our most vulnerable, is something I believe we as a community must do."

- Clint Bowes, Past President, Board of Directors
“Children are our most important asset, and ChildSavers’ missions provide vital tools to protect & guide the children in our community so they can be safe, happy, healthy, and ready to learn. For me, it was an easy decision why I chose to support ChildSavers. It’s been an honor serving as ChildSavers Community Board President! I’m focused to continue my support and look for ways to be impactful in the future.” 

- Devin Floyd, Past President, Community Board (and Santa at our Annual Children's Holiday Party)
"Childsavers assists children dealing with trauma based life events and educates caregivers about the importance of early childhood development, so having the ability to work and donate (time and gifts) to such an organization was a reward for me. Thank you ChildSavers for letting me serve as the President of the Endowment Fund Trustees."

- J. Conrad Garcia, Past President, Board of Trustees
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