January 2019

This month we zero in on an aspect of "team" that often gets overlooked in product management. A few tweaks benefit everyone, including your customers. We also throw in  guidelines for telling a better value story and two strategy options for mature products.

I hope your 2019 is off to a great start. Enjoy our January issue. 

  • Video: Stronger Product Management With a Different Take on Team
  • Powerful Product Positioning: Best Story vs. Best Product
  • What's the Best Growth Strategy for Mature Products?
  • Chiropractic Care for Your Product Management & Marketing Backbone 

High Octane Product Management
Stronger Product Management With a Different Take on Team
Product managers are great team players when it comes to their individual products. But there's one aspect of "team" that may be overlooked, and it has huge ramifications on the value of your product portfolio. 

A little more attention to this part of the team and you'll deliver higher-value solutions, have fewer competing priorities and set marketing, sales and services up for greater success. 

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Product Management Playbook
Powerful Positioning: Best Story vs. Best Product

Powerful product positioning usually boils down to the best story, which is not always the best product.

Adhere to these three guidelines to make marketing and sales a lot easier.
In the Trenches FAQs
Best Growth Strategy for Mature Products?

For mature products, the best growth strategy depends on your current market position. Here are two considerations.
Product Management University On-Demand
It's Like Chiropractic Care for Your Spine
When one joint is out of alignment, it puts undue stress on others and leads to severe pain. 

Product Management University On-Demand keeps your product management and product marketing backbone perfectly aligned.

Experienced people get unlimited access to advanced skills and refreshers while newbies get quick-study modules so they can hit the ground running and keep pace with everyone else. The "no pain, no gain" rule doesn't apply here!

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