Advancing the Practice of Structural Engineering       February 2018
NCSEA, ICC Join to Expand 2nd Responder Roster Database
NCSEA and the ICC signed an agreement at the end of 2017 to join forces on NCSEA’s Structural Engineering Emergency Response (SEER) 2nd Responder Roster to create a single database between the two organizations of volunteers willing and able to serve when disasters strike.

One of the main issues at the focus of NCSEA’s SEER Committee is management of this national database of trained 2nd responders ( This is a fully interactive database that can be updated as needed by the participant and searched to obtain a list of participants by certification and location. In the aftermaths of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017, 75 2nd Responders were deployed from the database to assist in damage and safety assessments.

The SEER 2nd Responder Database is only as good as the structural engineers who are willing and able to volunteer and have created and updated their records. If you have post-disaster assessment training, create a record today. If you are interested in bringing post-disaster assessment training to your local area, reach out to your SEA’s SEER Committee or reach out to the national NCSEA SEER Committee.
Call for 2018 Summit Abstracts Due March 30
The 2018  NCSEA Structural Engineering Summit   Committee is seeking 60 minute presentations that deliver pertinent and useful information that is specific to the practicing structural engineer, in both technical and non-technical tracks.
In the 2017 post-Summit Survey, attendees expressed direct interest in the case studies, lessons learned, snow loads, ethics, communication and business practices, including accounting & client growth.
NCSEA Grant Program Helps Underwrite Young Engineers Symposium
Accelerated bridge construction (big and small)…how to shoe-horn a biomedical research building into a cityscape where a hospital once stood…what’s so special about a lenticular truss pedestrian bridge…and “domes in the desert” – these were the outstanding presentations made during the recent Structural Engineers Association of Illinois' (SEAOI) 2 nd Annual Young Engineers Symposium.

Held at one of Chicago’s newest iconic buildings– 150 North Riverside –this event was made possible through the NCSEA Grant Program . In 2017 six grants were awarded to Structural Engineers Associations (SEAs) from Hawaii to Massachusetts to help promote and grow each local SEA and the structural engineering profession. SEAOI was awarded one of those grants to help underwrite their Young Engineers Symposium. And they did! Case studies included everything from Accelerated Bridge Construction to domes in the desert – yes, from Kankakee, Illinois to Dubai UAE. The young engineers shared challenges and successes along with the technical prowess needed for each project. (How do you “drive” a piece of a bridge over another bridge and down a road?)

With over 70 individuals in attendance, NCSEA membership can be proud that investments are being made into the next generation of structural engineers – and all courtesy to an active Member Organization (SEAOI) and the NCSEA Grant Program! — Leo Baran, NCSEA Member Organization & Committee Services Director
Welcome New NCSEA Sustaining Members:
ISEA Hilti Lunch Seminar
February 16, 2018
Fort Wayne, IN
SEAU Annual Education Conference
February 20-21, 2018
Layton, UT
ASCE 41-13: Seismic Evaluation & Retrofit of Existing Buildings
February 22, 2018
Memphis, TN
Registration Closes soon!
SEAOI Chicago Trade Show & Symposium
March 2, 2018
Chicago, IL
NCSEA Communication Webinar: An Overview of Resources to Inspire the Next Generation
Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 11 AM Central | Register
Presented by Annie Kao, P.E., & Keith Coleman, P.E.
As structural engineers, we are helping to design and protect our cities and communities. Many of us were inspired to pursue the field of structural engineering at a young age and now is our chance to do the same for the next generation. NCSEA has developed incredible resources to help members take the first step in reaching out to their local schools to share what we do and how students can start their career plans. This webinar will introduce two valuable resources developed by NCSEA – the step-by-step “High School Outreach Start-Up Guide” and the “What is Structural Engineering” PowerPoint presentation. These two resources will aid your local NCSEA Member Organization in the creation of an impactful outreach program that can be implemented at your local schools. Members who have presented at schools reported enthusiastic response from the schools and students who were inspired to look into structural engineering as a future profession. Please join us to learn about the resources and to help inspire the next generation of engineers.
NCSEA CalOES Safety Assessment Program
The California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) Safety Assessment Program (SAP), hosted by NCSEA, is highly regarded as a standard throughout the country for engineer emergency responders. The training has been reviewed and approved by FEMA’s Office of Domestic Preparedness.
Based on ATC-20/45 methodologies and documentation, the SAP training course provides engineers, architects and code-enforcement professionals with the basic skills required to perform safety assessments of structures following disasters.
Licensed design professionals and certified building officials will be eligible for SAP Evaluator certification and credentials following completion of this program and submission of required documentation. 
In addition, NCSEA and the SEER Committee are working with fellow stakeholders within ASCE, AIA and APWA to provide training and develop a national response program for A/E responders. This program will facilitate more seamless deployments through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), the interstate mutual aid agreement.
Friday, March 16, 2018, 2018 at 10 AM Central | Register
Upcoming Webinars
NCSEA live webinars, listed below, are Diamond Reviewed and accepted for SE continuing education in all 50 states. To view other upcoming webinars, click here.

TODAY, February 15, 2018
Matthew Pavelchak, P.E.

February 27, 2018
David Bonowitz, S.E.

March 6, 2018
Duane K. Miller, Sc.D., P.E.

March 29, 2018
Michael O'Rourke, Ph.D., P.E. 

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