Advancing the Practice of Structural Engineering        January '18
SEAC Young Member Group Hosts Gingerbread Bridge Competition

In late 2017, the Structural Engineers Association of Colorado's Young Member Group hosted a Gingerbread Bridge Competition for the fourth year in a row. This year's event had a surprising turn out, so much so that the YMG Committee is already starting to plan and look for larger venues for the 2018 event!

A total of 16 teams participated in the November competition: 3 middle school teams, 1 high school, 3 college, and 9 professional. The middle school teams were primed by Young Member Group volunteers that visited the schools to share "tips and tricks for design, construction and transportation of gingerbread bridges, and lessons previously learned during past Gingerbread Bridge Competitions." Along with looking toward the future of the next competition, the YMG Committee is also hoping to expand their outreach program to further spark a passion for structural engineering in middle school and high school students.

The event was made possible by corporate sponsorship; based on these generous sponsors, SEAC was able to waive the entry fee and provide stipends to 7 teams! And the charity doesn't end there; the winning teams' "prizes" were donations to a charity of their choice: the Children's Hospital and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The 2017 Competition was featured on BEST Denver and can be viewed below. The video features an inside look at how bridges are tested, measured, and designed!
For more about the competition, or how to get involved, visit the SEAC website or send an email to More on this feature can also be found on
Welcome New NCSEA Sustaining Members:
FSEA: NEFL Chapter Meeting
January 23, 2018
Jacksonville, FL
SEAOI Young Engineers Symposium
January 23, 2018
Chicago, IL
SEAOI Rail Bridge Engineering
January 26, 2018
Chicago, IL
NCSEA Communication Webinar: Talking Codes with the NCSEA Special Inspections/Quality Assurance Committee

Free for NCSEA SEA Members, this webinar will discuss the NCSEA Code Advisory Special Inspections/Quality Assurance Committee's start to a busy year. Even though the 2018 codes are just now being distributed, the committee is already preparing proposed code changes for the 2021 edition, where some defeated proposals are likely to return. The committee will also be looking into special inspections within the existing building code to begin proposing changes and your feedback is appreciated, so prepare to participate. Additionally, the committee will discuss the results of the 2017 NCSEA CAC code survey and review Special Inspections-related items, findings from meetings with Metal Building Systems Leaders, and the implications of “Certified Fabricators”

SEAMass: Changes to the MA State Building Code
(8th to 9th Edition)
February 14, 2018
Burlington, MA
SEAU Annual Education Conference
February 20-21, 2018
Layton, UT
ASCE 41-13: Seismic Evaluation & Retrofit of Existing Buildings
February 22, 2018
Memphis, TN
SEA Leadership Invited to name Resilience Committee Members
NCSEA's Resilience Subcommittee has solidified eight Voting Members and now requests each member organization to name a Corresponding Member. SEA Boards are asked to send contact information for selected members, or any questions, to David Bonowitz, at .
If your SEA has an active Resilience program or committee, the chair or vice chair (or their designee) would be a good choice as your Corresponding Member. If not, an active member of your Code or other technical committee would be a strong choice. The ideal Corresponding Member will be an active SEA member with committee experience and a demonstrated interest in design, planning, or policy for natural hazards risk reduction. The role of each Corresponding Member is to represent your SEA, to be a liaison between your local efforts and the national committee, and to organize interested members within your own SEA. NCSEA members interested in serving as Corresponding Members are encouraged to contact their SEA Boards for endorsement.
SECB Recertification and Continuing Education
All engineers certified in the practice of structural engineering through the SECB are required to renew their certification annually. The recertification process includes documenting that the individual has remained active in the practice of structural engineering and has fulfilled the continuing education requirement (15 qualified PDHs in the prior year). The Structural Engineering Certification Board keeps a record of the certificate holders continuing education efforts. Use that as a resource when updating your credentials with State Licensing Boards! For more information about SECB, visit .
All of NCSEA’s Diamond Reviewed Webinars are accepted by the Structural Engineering Certification Board as part of one’s continuing education requirements for recertification. Visit to view upcoming webinars.
Upcoming Webinars
NCSEA live webinars, listed below, are Diamond Reviewed and accepted for SE continuing education in all 50 states.

January 25, 2018
Ricky McLain, P.E., S.E.

February 15, 2018
Matthew Pavelchak

February 27, 2018
David Bonowitz, S.E.

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