Advancing the Practice of Structural Engineering
March 2019
NCSEA Assists AISC Steel Bridge Competition
The American Institute of Steel Construction’s (AISC) extremely successful Student Steel Bridge Competition (SSBC) is tapping NCSEA and its Member Organizations (SEAs) beginning in 2019. Through its active SEAs covering 44 states and the District of Columbia, NCSEA has a network of engineer members that have local access to various universities with an engineering curriculum. AISC will be accessing this network to assist and support the current year’s events while helping to grow the competition.
“The SSBC needs access to the profession to assist with local and regional technical guidance,” says Al Spada, NCSEA’s Executive Director. “The Member Organizations will be there to offer focused assistance on an as needed basis when universities require personal involvement of a structural engineer.” Assistance will also include connecting AISC with potential judges and volunteers as requested by AISC.
AISC's Director of Education, Christina Harber, S.E., P.E., says "AISC is pleased to have NCSEA as a supporting affiliate of the Student Steel Bridge Competition program. We look forward to exposing students to the professionalism, technical expertise, and experience of SEA members that volunteer to mentor individual schools or judge at competitions around the country."  
Started in 1987, the popularity of the SSBC has grown, with approximately two hundred schools competing each year across the country. NCSEA is proud to be a partner offering volunteer structural engineering support while helping the AISC event to thrive and grow.
For more information visit AISC's Competition page or contact NCSEA at .
Deadline Approaching for SEAOI Excellence Awards
The Structural Engineers Association of Illinois (SEAOI) is pleased to announce submissions are now being accepted for the 2019 Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards , the 40th annual awards event conducted by the association.
SEAOI invites their neighboring state SEA members to submit their project entries for the 2nd Annual Best Neighboring State Project (designer located in a state neighboring Illinois). Entries are due Monday, March 25th.
For more information, click here.
Last Call for 2019 Summit Abstracts
The 2019 NCSEA Structural Engineering Summit will take place at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA from November 12–15. NCSEA's Summit Committee is seeking 45 to 90 minute presentations that deliver pertinent and useful information that is specific to the practicing structural engineer.
The Summit will feature education specific to the practicing structural engineer, in both technical and non-technical tracks. Desired submissions are those on best-design practices, new codes and standards, recent projects, advanced analysis techniques, management, business practices, and other topics that would be of interest to practicing structural engineers.
Abstracts are due next week, March 30, 2019! Submit yours now!
NCSEA Communication Webinar:
An Overview of the NCSEA/ICC Disaster Response Alliance...
March 28, 2019
OSEA 2019 Spring Conference
April 9, 2019
Stillwater, OK
SEAMW Pecha Kucha Night
April 10, 2019
McLean, VA
Annual SEAOI Bridge Symposium
April 18, 2019
Chicago, IL
2019 SEAKM Annual Meeting 
April 25, 2019
Wichita, KS
Save The Date:
NCSEA Communication Webinar with the YMGSC
April 30, 2019
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Don't Forget About NCSEA's Public Outreach Challenge
The  NCSEA Communications Committee  invites you to participate in the first Member Organization Public Outreach Challenge to inform and educate other industries, professions, and the general public about Structural Engineering! 
Join in on this fun competition to spread the word about Structural Engineering, and have the chance to win fun (& educational) prizes! Learn more.
NCSEA Welcomes New Members:
Upcoming Webinars
All NCSEA live webinars, listed below, offer 1.5 hours of continuing education credits. Most NCSEA webinars are Diamond Reviewed and accepted for SE continuing education in all 50 states. Please review the webinar description to check the Diamond Review Status. To view other upcoming webinars, click here.

March 26th
Chris Kimball, S.E., P.E., MCP, CBO

April 9th
Chris Kimball, S.E., P.E., MCP, CBO

April 18th
Charles J. Tucker, P.E., Ph.D.

May 2nd
Tony Shkurti, Ph.D., S.E., P.E.

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