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April 11, 2017

Setting the English Saddle Trim
on a 10-Month-Old Miniature Poodle Puppy

Once the whole trim is set, you can go back and nitpick - but be careful! You need to know when to quit. Puppy coat is always a challenge. It's sparse and it can be straggly. You need to know which battles to pick with the hair - and which ones to let go.
If you've never tried to set an English Saddle Trim on a Poodle, this fabulous lesson should be on your favorites list.     
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From the Archives!  
Pet Handling Basics

Working with a pet that is well-behaved is a joy, but what do you do to get the best behavior from a dog? In this session, Colin leads you through many basic handling techniques we use every day in a grooming salon. His techniques and skills encourage safety and trust from the pet.

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