Stuart Scott introduces Greta Thunberg and 26 individuals to the UN Climate Change Conference, (COP-24), Katowice, Poland

The UN Climate Change Conference is limited to 30,000 participants. Observing organizations must register many months in advance to be awarded a specific number of badges to attend. Individuals are not welcome, only representatives of organizations and national agencies. Fortunately, Stuart Scott (Executive Director of has attended many UN Climate Change Conferences and has built a personal network with smaller nations and religious groups. By collaborating with registered groups, Stuart is able to bring individuals, families and small groups of students to speak at the UN conference. 

Piotr Skubala, PhD., Professor of Biology and Environmental Protection at the University of Silesia in Katowice, stepped away from identifying soil mite communities in local coniferous, deciduous and mixed forests, hay or wet meadows, and farmland, increasing the microhabitat diversity of not only the soil-litter layer also dead wood of various forms, mosses, fungi, grasses, tree bark, fallen twigs and tree hollows capturing carbon and redirecting rot into food chains for larger animals. Piotr organized friends to host Scientists' Warning folks at no cost to us and many a good meal. Thank you Piotr, and, on behalf of the planet, thanks to healthy soil mite communities.

Assisted by Victoria Hurth, Rob Harding and Rob Moir with video editing by Mike Coe and Christian Dommasch, Stuart set up panel presentations in the Media Center’s Press Conference Room, Building F, a temporary structure sprawled on top of the former coal mine of Karowice in the shadows of mine ventilation towers.

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