Stuck & Going Nowhere!


"The Lord shall fight for you and ye shall hold your peace."  

Exodus 14:14


There is a lot that God wants to do in our lives that will not be done until we do what He has already revealed to us to do. What He asks us to do isn't always all that huge.


Take for instance Moses at the Red Sea. All God was asking Moses to do was to hold out his rod. That's not that huge. If Moses in faith would just hold out his rod, then God said that He would handle the rest. He would do all the big stuff. He would open the Red Sea, harden Pharaoh's heart, make him go in after them, and close the Red Sea back up on them.


In order to develop faith within us, God often asks us to do our little things first. Hold out our rods. Take that step. Make the move. Be silent. Have the conversation. Quit the job to stay at home. Accept the job that He has shown. Stop the habit. Curb the tongue. Go to church. Sell our home. Go overseas. Speak up on issues. Apologize. Whatever it is that He is revealing to us, God will often wait to do His big thing until we have done what He has asked us to do.


God almost always looks for our surrender to Him, our step of faith believing His Word, and our absolute dependence in Him to accomplish this impossible thing, before His deliverance is manifested. God wants a relationship with us. He wants us to see Him as the sovereign of all. That is why He often allows us to be in situations where must turn to Him for He is our only solution!


So if you are, " Stuck and Going Nowhere," perhaps it's because you are stuck for a reason. Believe in God, do what ever it is He is asking of you and then LOOK to GOD!


        Learning to Look,

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