Volume 2, No. 6 | April 24 2020
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Thank You Teachers!
This week, the IT Librarian (who processes online library card applications and also creates and mails this weekly newsletter) received a large number of online library card applications - from children!

It so happened that Hudson teachers had given their students the link to our online library card application - and the kids responded.

Our thanks go out to those teachers who distributed the online application form so that Hudson kids could take advantage of online books, movies, and so many other resources only available with a Rodgers Library card.

Don't have a card? Apply for one today! Just click on the button below to get started!
A Message from Library Director Linda Pilla
What do you think of having to stay home and having to maintain social distance? When I think of the ways people react to being quarantined, I can think of no greater contrast than my parents: George and Mary Sinclair.

My dad, Geordie, to his friends, was a social person. When he was in the right mood, he could charm the birds from the trees. Wherever there was laughter in the room, there was my dad right in the middle of it. The “older” ladies at church thought he was wonderful. I can remember my mother frequently offering to give him away! But as social as he was, there was a quiet side to him that liked being still. I think he would have loved this time. One of my fondest memories of him is sitting in “his” armchair, late at night, reading. Mostly he liked heavy books. There were no pictures and lots of little print. Sometimes there was a cigar, sometimes there was a small, unfinished glass of scotch whiskey. He liked to watch World War 2 movies late at night – I joined him for “The Dirty Dozen,” “Battle of Britain,” “Bridge Over the River Kwai,” “Dam Busters” and, my personal favorite, “Where Eagles Dare.” When my dad worked in the garden, it was a whole day affair. He was a “slow and steady” man. 
Meanwhile, my mum was a “just get it done” kind of person. She despised her first name, and so was known as “May” to her friends. This puzzled me greatly as her birthday was in July!
My mum had no room for nonsense. Born in Glasgow to a working class family, she was a “wee Scottish lady” with a broad Scots accent. My mum read romance novels and mysteries. She handed me Dick Francis’s Bonecrack when I was 11. I have read every single book written by Dick Francis and so far every one written by his son, Felix.
I think my mum would have hated this time. She loved to travel by public transport and she would talk to everybody. If you sat next to my mum, you would hear all about her love for Yorkshire (“God’s Country”), her opinion of politics, the national healthcare system, makes of cars, shoe brands, you name it! She loved to talk to people. 
My mum and dad have both passed away. In some ways, I am glad they haven’t had to go through this. But my memories of them as I write this help me realize that I am a mixture of both. I love to sit and read. I like SciFi and Fantasy, historical fiction and mystery (small print, no pictures). I also love gardening books (big, colorful pictures). I have a plan for my vegetable garden for this year, but I haven’t purchased anything yet. I love talking to people, but I’m okay with sitting with my dog in my lap watching a robin build its nest on my porch.
Next time we see each other, I look forward to catching up. In the meantime, I have a great book to read.

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Need a Reading Suggestion?
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How to Download Books Straight to Your Computer
So you have your library card and PIN and want to download books from Overdrive, but not sure how to go about doing it? Reference Librarian Mark shows you how!

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Staff Working from Home
Our Stellar Staff
Meet Miss Gina, Miss Debra and Miss Tanya

Our part-time staff are the backbone of the Rodgers Library, providing programming, outreach, and service with a smile.

Miss Gina (top) runs our Cookbook Club and our Evening Book Discussion group and is one of the many friendly faces greeting visitors to the Rodgers Library. She is currently busy working from home participating in library webinars, meetings, and researching new topics for her two programs.

Another friendly face is Miss Debra (top right), who works with Miss Gina in Circulation and also with the Tech crew who receive and catalog new books. Miss Debra has also been attending webinars, meetings, and providing the word search puzzles for the Children's page and online resources.
Finally, Teen Librarian Miss Tanya (above) works constantly - constantly - to provide teen and tween programming, visiting Hudson schools - this on top of studying for her Masters in Library Science. Along with her big puppy Miss Mabel, Miss Tanya is busy finishing up her spring semester and creating the Teen Summer Reading Program.