February 2021
Dear Team,

Know what I love about weekends? Decision-making is generally low key, especially on Saturdays. Cereal or waffles? Go out today, or just hang out with the dogs? I confess I am particularly fond of shoes-optional days, but do my dogs really look interested in spending time with me? Maybe I’ll go out...maybe not. Do something with my hair or just let everyone else embrace my “casual and curly style”? Hm...you know, hats are good!

During the week, decision-making is more challenging. Some things are still easy. I will brush my hair and wear shoes, for example. No contemplation of other possibilities required. But other things get harder. Every decision I make about budgets or services or personnel echoes in the lives of other people--and not just the lives of my colleagues and staff, but, ultimately, the lives of the students, their families, and the institution. 

The same is true of the decisions each of us makes as representatives of Student Affairs and ISU. The issues and services we choose to promote, the caliber of the work we do each day, the very way we choose to engage with others in the course of our jobs influences the way others experience our services and our institution. We are the face of ISU in every one of those encounters. Our decisions matter.

Which brings me to something I’ve been thinking about quite a lot in this new year. President Satterlee is called upon to make hundreds of decisions every week that impact the rest of our ISU community, and they are anything but low key. Do we go fully online? Do we mandate Covid screening? What do we prioritize to ensure a sustainable budget and future for the university? All the while, hope, trust, compassion, and stability are the foundations of who President Satterlee is and how President Satterlee leads.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. I know, I know, the focus is typically on romance, but it’s also a time just to appreciate the people with whom we are connected. Making positive and meaningful connections relies on us choosing, every day, to do the right thing, to do the best thing, to be the best representatives of our services and institution, to make the very best decisions for the wellbeing of our entire community. This Valentine’s Day, why don’t we reach out to all of those people who make those hard decisions every day and let them know that we appreciate what they do? 

Roar, Friends!

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is gearing up for the 2021-2022 year. Below are some important updates and reminders.

The Scholarship Deadline for new incoming (first time) Idaho Residents, Non-Residents, and Transfer students has been moved from February 15, 2021 to May 1, 2021. Students must be fully admitted to ISU by this deadline in order to be considered for these scholarships. This will impact ONLY students starting at ISU in Fall 2021. Apply

November 1, 2021, will continue to be the Scholarship Deadline for new incoming (first time) Idaho Residents, Non-Residents, and Transfer students who are starting at ISU in Spring 2022. Students must be fully admitted to ISU by this deadline in order to be considered for these scholarships.
NOTE: We expect the February 15 scholarship deadline to return for students starting Fall 2022.

ALL current and new incoming students should be applying for scholarships now in the Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS) for Fall 2021. We encourage all students to be very active in BOSS through the months of January to April. Students should watch their ISU e-mail for new scholarship opportunities for which they may be eligible, as well as for notifications of scholarship offers. Visit: BOSS

Financial Aid
Students who are attending Summer 2021 who want to be considered for federal financial aid should complete their 2020-2021 FAFSA (if they haven’t already) and submit the Summer Supplement form that will be available on the Financial Aid website beginning March 1: Financial Aid. Students must be registered for summer courses prior to submitting this form.

Students are encouraged to complete their 2021-2022 FAFSA by March 1, 2021. Tax and income information for 2019 will be used to complete this FAFSA. Students should watch their BengalWeb and ISU e-mail for correspondence regarding their financial aid for the 2021-2022 academic year. Visit: FAFSA

For further questions or assistance with applications, please contact the ISU Financial Aid or Scholarship Offices.

Scholarship Office:

Financial Aid Office:
Student Affairs | isu.edu/studentaffairs