June 2021
Dear Team,
Now that Mike and I are vaccinated, we took advantage of my recent furlough week to visit a place we’ve never been before: Lake Tahoe. While there, we decided to take a day trip to visit Yosemite. On the way into the park, there are a number of overlooks, and we took full advantage of every single one of them (which delayed our entrance to the actual park for quite some time). Each time we got out of the car, we stared in awe at the breathtaking vistas. One site stood out in particular. Mike and I were entranced, two tiny human beings perching at the apex of a breathtaking cascade of enormous pines, gigantic boulders, and rivulets and waterfalls flowing down, down, down into the distance. It was utterly quiet where we stood and visually compelling...so, naturally, I had to capture it in a photo. 

I carefully lined up the shot, framed it perfectly to capture the essence of what we were experiencing, already thinking ahead to sharing this inspirational moment with family and friends. 

See the bottom of the screen? 


We do a lot of careful planning as a division. I mean, a lot of our energy goes into planning. We try to think for the long term, try to envision every possible contingency as we assess needs and identify resources. We take careful stock of our bandwidth--our people power and our fiscal resources--to ensure we can see projects through to a successful finish. We continuously ask ourselves, “Is this in line with our vision? Does it support the University’s mission and objectives? Does everything in which we’re investing represent the very best application of our resources? Is this what we should be doing today?”

And yet, it always seems like there’s something in the picture that we weren’t expecting. 

We could get cranky about that, but we could also choose to appreciate that moment and everything it has to teach us. I’ve been having a lot of fun thinking about my photo, for example, and contemplating what it might teach me: 

  • We think everything is going to plan, and then something unexpected pops up in our way. Is that an annoyance or an opportunity?
  • We are looking one way only to realize that someone else is looking another way. Is that a failure or a chance to see things differently?
  • We’re swept up in our own experience, but someone (something!) else steps into our picture of that moment. Is that interaction intruding, or is it changing the experience, changing us? 

“Intrusions” into our plans may not give us the picture we were hoping for, but what might we learn from them if we are willing to consider the possibilities?

Lyn Redington
"Leadership is not about being in charge, it's about taking care of those in our charge." - Simon Sinek, Apple News
Do You Know Why Staying on Campus is Good for Our Students?
Aside from providing safe, clean, and affordable housing, we take as our responsibility, the duty to give every student the opportunity to succeed and graduate from the University (whether they live on campus or not). University Housing provides opportunities for student success, individual growth, developing autonomy, establishing cultural awareness, as well as understanding associated real world applications. 
Students living in the residence halls have access to READ MORE
New for Fall 2021: Convocation!
Save the date for Idaho State’s newest tradition: Convocation! The first annual New Student Convocation will be held Friday evening, August 20, at the newly renovated Davis Field. The ceremony will be followed by the traditional New Student March through the Arch.

As graduation celebrates the attainment of a degree, convocation marks its beginning. In addition to welcoming our students, convocation aims to inspire new students and help them feel a connection to their new university family, as well as demonstrate ISU’s commitment to supporting students as they pursue their education. Please encourage the incoming first-year students you meet to attend this important milestone. Parents are welcome to attend. More information will be provided as we draw closer to the start of the fall semester.
Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group - Updated Meeting Information
Losing a loved one to suicide can be a profoundly painful and isolating experience. The complexity of the emotions can feel overwhelming, and survivors often struggle to know who to talk to for fear others won't understand. Counseling and Testing Service offers a group for survivors of suicide loss to connect with others who have suffered the loss of a loved one to suicide. This group will meet from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. via Zoom on the dates below. This support group is open to students, staff and faculty. Register for each group separately online: https://www.isu.edu/ctc/suicide-prevention/survivors-of-suicide-loss/

Upcoming dates: June 17, July 8, and August 12. 
Student Affairs | isu.edu/studentaffairs