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January 22, 2015

Welcome back!

      I hope everyone is having a great semester so far! We have hit the ground running into a new calendar year that is sure to bring great additions to the UNA family: including a new president, a new science building, new programs, new residence halls, and new students!

      We are reviving The Lion's Tale, the newsletter for the Division of Student Affairs.  The first few newsletters will be dedicated to describing the twelve departments within Student Affairs and the services and programs that each provides. Upcoming newsletters will also contain interesting articles and information that promote student success. We hope that you will take the time to familiarize yourself with our services and staff, and that you will contact us if there are any ways we can be of assistance.

Roar Lions!


-David Shields, Vice President for Student Affairs

Our Mission
The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to providing appropriate high quality services, programs, and experiences which contribute to the total development of each student; to work cooperatively and actively with the Division of Academic Affairs to enhance student learning both inside and outside the classroom; and to prepare students to serve as leaders, problem solvers, and change agents in a multicultural world.

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services (DSS) provides academic support to university students with qualifying, documented disabilities.  Facilitating equal opportunities for success while preserving the integrity of academic program requirements, DSS is committed to providing services consistent with ADA, ADAA (Amendments Act) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  

In addition to accommodation assistance for students with disabilities, DSS operates an alternative testing facility and assists students with academic coaching in order to maximize strengths.  Also important to DSS is a continuing commitment to campus awareness regarding disability topics.  We facilitate effective communication with students, faculty, staff, and administration through a variety of campus activities, including individual and small group meetings. 
Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement seeks to enhance the classroom learning experience by providing various opportunities for students to get involved in the campus and local community.  
These opportunities include; Greek Life, Student Government Association, Student Events, Leadership, Volunteerism, Student organization development, and Student Media. 

For more information about the Office of Student Engagement, please visit http://una.orgsync.com/.
UNA Office of Student Engagement
Student Counseling Services

Services Provided:

  • The overall goal for Student Counseling Services is to provide high quality clinical mental health services at the lowest possible cost to eligible students.
  • Licensed counselors provide goal-driven, clinical treatments for individual students.
  • Campus-wide programs and activities have learning objectives.
  • Direct (face to face) counselor services include: Psycho-social assessment/intake, individual & group therapy, crisis intervention, referrals (on-campus/community resources), psycho-educational presentations to classes/groups/organizations, campus-wide event presentations.
  • Indirect Counselor Services: Confidential documentation & record-keeping, telephone & other consultations with students/faculty/staff/parents, preparation for campus-wide events (i.e., NEDA Week, AOD Awareness, Depression Screenings, SOAR), committee service, telephone/email/correspondence, professional development/continuing Education requirements.
  • Web-based services include: Mental Health Screenings, e-CHUG (Electronic Check-Up to Go-Alcohol Self-Assessment),  Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection (issue-specific links).

Current Staff:

  • F. Lynne Martin, LPC, ADC, Director
  • Jennifer Berry, LPC, Senior Mental Health Counselor
  • Jami Flippo, LPC, 10-month Mental Health Counselor/CARE Team Case Manager
  • Trudy Ramsey, Administrative Assistant
  • Carmen Richter, LPC, Mental Health Counselor

Important Information Regarding Title IX


Nationally, there has been an increased focus for universities to continue to prevent hostile environments on the basis of sex, prohibit sexual harassment and sexual violence, protect from retaliation and remedy the effects of other gender-based forms of discrimination.  At UNA, many conversations are occurring to plan and implement education and prevention initiatives along with the campus initiatives that are already in place. Tammy Jacques is UNA's Title IX Coordinator.  She can be reached at tmwells@una.edu or 256-765-4248.


The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for all UNA Title IX compliance.  Some of those duties include:

1.       Coordinating University wide efforts to train students, staff, and faculty on Title IX issues.

2.       Conducting Title IX investigations.

3.       Coordinating University education and prevention efforts.


The Title IX Coordinator must be informed of all reports and complaints raising Title IX issues.  The Department of Education provided a thorough document on Title IX and Sexual Violence that answers a number of questions for Universities.  UNA faculty and staff are encouraged to review that document if they have questions about what Title IX is and how it's supposed to be implemented. To view this document click here.


What should faculty and staff know?

  • All employees must report any disclosure of an incident to the Title IX Coordinator involving students, staff, and/or faculty. 

Examples include: sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic and intimate partner violence, stalking, gender-based discrimination, and discrimination against pregnant and parenting

  • Employees should make every effort to ensure students understand that employees have an obligation to report and explain the resources where students can report should they want strict confidentiality.

Strict Confidential Resources

University Health Services 
Student Counseling Services
Rape Response 
Women's Center
Safe Place (domestic violence)
(256) 767-6210
  • Faculty must know that UNA must excuse student absences due to pregnancy or childbirth for as long as the doctor says it is necessary.  All professors are required to give a reasonable amount of time, after the conclusion of those absences, to make up the work missed.
Division of Student Affairs, University of North Alabama | 256-765-4223

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