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SFC SUNDAYS - SBS Study, No SBS December 23 or 30

SFC COMMUNITY - Jingle and Mingle, Q.U.I.P. Meetings, Friday Morning Moms Prayer Group


Sunday Bible School Study

Sunday, December 2 
This Sunday is the beginning of the new Sunday Bible school quarter. Pastor Brian Peterson will continue a study titled "Hebrews: The Supremacy & Sufficiency of Jesus Christ."
God is not silent, but has spoken to us in His Son, and now He speaks to us in His Word. In the book of Hebrews, that's how Jesus is presented: the final and glorious Word of God, the Logos. In Him, God has shown Himself to be faithful and entirely sufficient for our life, salvation and godliness. Jesus is the long-promised Messiah and has fulfilled all that God has said. Join us as we discover His supremacy and sufficiency. 
All SBS studies are listed on the SBS webpage

No SBS on December 23 or 30

Please mark your calendar that there will be no Sunday school on December 23 or 30.


Jingle and Mingle - Tomorrow Night!

Friday, November 30 | 7-9 PM
Brian and Anna Peterson will once again host a Student Families Community Christmas drop-in this year. Please bring a sweet or a savory to share. Contact Jennifer Dean if you need the address.

Q.U.I.P. Meetings
Quarterly Useful Information for Parents (of middle schoolers)

The Purpose
Our purpose is to build in regular opportunities to minister to parents of middle schoolers by engaging in purposeful conversations about the middle school ministry and the students involved.

The Plan
To have one Q.U.I.P. meeting each quarter of the year. Every meeting will consist of four specific components, with the content changing based on the time of the year. The four components are:
  1. Ministry Update and Vision Casting
    • We will let parents know of upcoming events, their purpose, and any specifics that would be helpful for middle school parents to know.
    • We will update parents of the upcoming curriculum and the main point of those series. This gives us a chance to help address specific concerns regarding middle school students and certain events, recast our vision for the ministry, if necessary (as well as for our specific events and teaching), and give parents a chance to ask questions and dialogue with us about the ministry.
  2. Resource Recommendations
    1. We will have a short list of recommendations of books, podcasts, articles, etc. that will be helpful for the students as well as the parents.
  3. Middle Schoolers' Needs
    1. We always want to be asking the question to parents: "What does your middle school student need?" as they know their students better than we do.
  4. Prayer
    1. Ultimately, the best way we can support our middle school parents is to pray for them. This gives us a chance to ask specifically how we can do that and have the opportunity to pray for and with them.

Friday Morning Moms Prayer Group

Fridays, 8:30 AM
Student Families moms, please join us on Friday mornings for a time of prayer. We meet in the Youth House (across Covenant Church Lane from the church) on Fridays. All are welcome. For more information, please contact Jennifer Litowski at 704-321-5005.


Upcoming Events for MS & HS

Saturday, December 15: Guys Paintball Event
Open to all middle school and high school guys. Dads are also welcome.  Meet at the Youth House at 9:30 AM or at Glory Road Paintball in Monroe at 10 AM. Cost is $15 per person plus cost of paintballs. Price includes rental equipment. RSVP to Stewart is REQUIRED.

Wednesday, January 9: Lumberjack Games
Save the date for our second annual Lumberjack Games from 7-9 PM in the CLC Youth Area lawn. This is an outdoor event including music, games, competitions, hamburgers, s'mores, and hot chocolate. Invite your friends! Last year's event was a great time of fellowship and fun. This will be the first Wednesday night event of the year ... welcome back!

*See individual High School and Middle School webpages for ministry-related special events! (Links are below)*
Youth Information on the Website  

For information about ongoing programs in the youth ministry, please see our website:
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