Handbook Review & Updates
We very much appreciate the support of our parents and the cooperation of our students as we work to enforce the policies that are in place throughout the school year.

GREEN Charter Schools have high expectations and strive to teach our students to be responsible and to adhere to the Code of Conduct and Policies as outlined in the Student Handbook and as acknowledged by parents on the 1st page of the GREEN Charter School Enrollment forms.

Below you will find an outline of two of these policies, as well as a link to the Student Handbook for your review. Any updates to the handbook will always be announced in the weekly newsletters.
Page 13 of the Student Handbook:

LOCKERS Beginning in 4th grade, each student will be assigned a locker for their individual use. This locker is for storing books, coats, and personal items necessary for school. Students should not bring valuable items from home. GREEN will not be liable for personal items you leave in your locker or bring to school with you. Do not trade lockers with another student or let anyone share your locker. It is your responsibility to see that your locker is kept LOCKED and in order at all times. To keep your items safe, we strongly advise you to keep your locker combination and space private. You should report any damage, vandalism, or the inoperable condition of your locker to the office. If you do not report vandalism, damage or the inoperable condition of your locker, you will be held responsible for it. Please remember that your locker is school property and remains at all times under the control of the school. You, however, have full responsibility for the security of your locker and what is in it. School officials may make inspections. No item considered dangerous by the administration may be kept in the lockers and will be removed if found there. Due to the small size of GREEN’s lockers, book bags must be small enough to fit inside it. Students attending GREEN should not expect privacy in regard to the contents of their lockers, desks, or other school property. (Revised 8/20/19) 
Backpacks & Bookbags
Page 12 of the Student Handbook:

Students may use book bags to transport only school materials to and from school. During the school day, however, GREEN requires that all book bags remain in students' cubs / lockers.