Student Journalists Sue University of Illinois
Three student-journalists filed a federal lawsuit against university officials and an instructor for violating their constitutional rights to free press, free speech.The suit comes after the school punished the students for reporting on a campus anti-Trump rally co-organized by an anarchist group.
8899 Pastors Join Amicus Brief for Housing Allowance
8899 pastors signed an amicus ( friend of the court ) brief in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, standing up to protect the ministerial housing allowance that was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge in October 2017.
Original Bible Church Grand Opening!
Original Bible Church is finally free to meet in its renovated building! All are invited to join the service!

Sunday, May 20
3509 W. 159th Street
Markham, IL 60428
The Proof For The Truth - Apologetics Conference
Can you defend your faith? This conference is designed to engage with other believers and to learn the scientific, historical, archaeological, philosophical, and non-Biblical evidence for the faith.
Listen to Lawyers for Jesus radio!
Now you can listen to more of Lawyers for Jesus radio on AM 1160 (WYLL). Follow us on social media to see who our next guest is!
  • Weekdays at 6:30 PM
  • Saturdays at 3:00 PM
  • Sundays at 12:30 PM
Jesus in the Courtroom
How should Christians view the legal system? Can we make a difference as it relates to social justice issues in our society today? Attorney  John Mauck  explores these questions in his book from Moody Publishers.
Mauck & Baker has office space available for sublease. Convenient Loop location. Click the button for more details.