August 16, 2020
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We did it! Thank you to all our student leaders who worked together in this unusual kick off to the 9th year of Student Leadership Johns Creek. All our teams escaped and most in record time! We got some amazing comments and I believe everyone had a great time, albeit alone, it did feel like we were together. It was so fun to watch the groups interact with one another as they solved the puzzles. I don't think the first year class will soon forget the Harry Potter theme and those darn chains!

Here is some of what we heard yesterday:

"The game was really exciting and had a lot of cool features! It's a fun and entertaining experience to solve all of these interesting puzzles with your friends, even if sometimes you have no clue how to work them out." -- Omer Mujawar

"The virtual retreat was a great way to start working together as a group. I enjoyed the game because it was both challenging and engaging" -- Charlotte Lichtenfeld

"It was hard but awesome how each one thought outside the box. Alex and Kathryn were at their very best. 66 minutes is not bad. I also liked how she (the host) navigated the room. Made me feel as if I was in the room." -- LJC Board Member Sandeep Davalbhakta
From our Hosts at Lost Escape:
"It was nice meeting so many young people who want to spend their time solving puzzles and improving their logical and team buildings skills. Every team was different so it was really exciting working with all of you!"

"At a time like this, I didn’t think that it was possible to have such an experience such as a virtual escape game. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I got the amazing opportunity to participate in such an engaging and fun activity and to get to know the other members of my team! Thank you Student Leadership Johns Creek and Lost Escape Games for providing me with this opportunity!" -- Ananya Shetty

"The escape room was a great team-building exercise that pushed everyone to think outside of the box." -- Aashwin Sharma

"I had so much fun at the game today! The game was really interactive, and she (our host) was great!" -- Aditi Mohan
"With Corona, I often feel isolated and very distant from my friends but the escape game was an exciting experience that allowed me to work together with friends again!" -- Tina Dong

"This was the first escape room I've ever done; it was quite the experience! Thank you for bringing this event to us! -- Aakansh Yerpude

"I thought the game was really fun and was interactive (even though we ourselves couldn't really do anything manually). I would definitely do it again because the puzzles and ideas for the room were really interesting!" -- Shruti Nemala

"The game was really fun, and I enjoyed working with my new teammates to figure out how to make the potion. It would have been fun to interact with each other in real life, but I’m really glad we got to at least do a virtual escape room." -- Ansley Lee

Have a great first day of school - see everyone on September 11th!

Irene Sanders
Executive Director
Student Leadership Johns Creek
Dates to Remember:
  • September 11 - Class of 2021 - Program 12PM - 4PM
  • September 11 - Class of 2022 - Program 8:30AM - 11:30AM