May 19, 2021
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I am pleased to announce that we were recently awarded a Georgia Humanities Spring 2021 Grant. We worked with the Johns Creek Historical Society and Mercer University to apply for this grant. We will be working on 4 videos that will be shown to residents during a question and answer event in Johns Creek and then at a reception at Mercer University. The videos will be used by educators in the future throughout Georgia. The grant is titled: They Were Here: Preservation and Commemoration of the Macedonia African Methodist Church Cemetery of Johns Creek.

Four groups from the Class of 2023 will be allowed to take on one of the videos as their group project. The project will involve student-driven research and production of four documentaries that focus on different aspects of the history of the Cemetery. The first documentary will highlight the history of the Cemetery and historical context of slavery and racial segregation from the Reconstruction through the 20th century. The second documentary will highlight the legacy of the Cherokee and how the lives of local farmers of Cherokee descent were intertwined with Black residents who were buried in the cemetery. The third film will focus on April Waters, a notable resident of Johns Creek who is buried at the Cemetery. For years, scholars and residents assumed Waters was an enslaved woman who was freed upon her master’s death. However, genealogical uncovered that April Waters was a man who was not freed as per his master’s will. This documentary will highlight the implementation of historical methods that are required when examining documents for accuracy when building a historical narrative. The fourth film will focus on the living descendants of those buried in the Macedonia Cemetery. Interviews from community members will highlight the Cemetery’s founding, its neglect, the impact of Jim Crow on the African American community, and the community effort to revitalize this space as a civil rights sanctuary for the multigenerational and diverse Johns Creek residents.

We are very excited for this opportunity as we believe it will have a lasting influence on our community and beyond. If your group is interested in being considered for one of the four videos, please send an email to Mrs. Sanders explaining why your group should be chosen. One paragraph is all that is necessary. There will be other opportunities for group projects, but this is definitely one we are excited to offer to four of our groups.

You will be receiving a new t-shirt for the 2021-22 year. If your t-shirt size is different than what you received in August, please let me know ASAP. I will placing this order in June and need all t-shirt sizes updated no later than 5-30.

We will have a virtual retreat on August 6 and August 7 (you will only be doing one of those dates). This (hopefully) will be our final virtual program day. If you have a date conflict, please let me know immediately. You will be working with other members from the class of 2022, not your group, so it is relatively easy to move you around if you have a conflict.

Secretary of State Ambassadors Application - DEADLINE JUNE 1
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Student Leadership Johns Creek Secretary of State Ambassador team, please click the link to the application. All applications are read carefully - we can only choose 9 total students. Typically we give preference to the students who are entering their 2nd year, but we do choose 3-4 from the first year class. Remember, there is a time commitment that is expected to join this team.
Volunteer Tutor Needed
As we begin summer, I receive many requests for students to assist in tutoring - especially for seniors with device training. If you might be interested in assisting with a local senior in learning about the digital world, please let me know. Although the world of iPhones and computers come so easily to all of you, many seniors are at a loss and feel very confused by it. It would be wonderful to actually help them to better use these devices and make a friend in the process. If interested contact Mrs. Sanders.
Irene Sanders
Executive Director
Student Leadership Johns Creek
Dates to Remember:

  • August 6 & 7 - SLJC 2021-22 Virtual Program Year Kick-Off ADVISE IF YOU HAVE A DATE CONFLICT ASAP