February 24, 2021
Dear Osprey Families,

It’s hard to believe, but mid-semester Student-Led Conferences (SLCs) are right around the corner, the week before Spring Break.

SLCs are important check-in conversations, facilitated by students and designed to help foster meaningful reflection and conversation about student growth and progress. SLCs occur once a semester and are mandatory for all 9th, 10th and 11th grade students. Each SLC should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

To continue to keep our campus and community safe and healthy, all SLCs will take place online on March 9 and 11 as follows:

9th Grade SLCs; Tuesday March 9

10th Grade SLCs: Thursday March 11

11th Grade SLCs: Tuesday March 9

If your family is unable to meet on the designated SLC date and time, you must reach out to the appropriate teacher to reschedule:

For all grades, the SLC will begin with a brief meeting with grade-level teachers, who will describe what to expect and then send families off to complete conversations independently. It is highly recommended to use a laptop rather than a phone to access your SLC link since families will be using a Google Form to reflect upon the conversation

9th Grade SLC Format
No matter your age, finding success and excellence can be hard, especially in a year like this. SLCs are oftentimes a chance for students to share that excellence or mastery and reflect on the big wins and stinging mistakes of the semester. This year, 9th grade educators are asking students and guardians to share a deeper, more two-way conversation, setting the stage for a fresh and powerful SLC experience. A succinct and thoughtful list of questions to guide these conversations will be supplied during the meeting. 

10th Grade SLC Format
In this year’s SLC, sophomores and their parents will have authentic conversations about personal strengths and interests as students reflect on Sophomore Inspire Week workshops and how those workshops relate to their hopes for community engagement, next year’s LINK internships and career/college pathways.  Parents will be asked to share their own wisdom and career experiences with their students as well.

11th Grade SLC Format
As we move forward into the final semesters of our high school experience, it’s important to look ahead to the future. This semester’s 11th grade SLC event will take an interview format wherein students will share their vision for their future, and hear their parents’ own reflections on their own past and present alongside their hopes for their children’s futures. Students will also discuss their LINK internship preparations, their timeline and any necessary action steps to meet their goals. At the conclusion of the interview students will complete this SLC Google Form.

12th Grade
Seniors are not required to complete SLCs.

As always, our goal with SLCs is for students to take the lead in being responsible and reflective in their high school journey as they consider how they continue to grow, academically, socially and emotionally.  We appreciate your ongoing engagement in this process. Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns!
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