Growth Groups - 9:30 AM
Meet in The Outlet
THIS Week's Lesson
The Gospel of Mark

Chapter 13

Student Ministry Christmas Party
Sunday, December 16 - 12:15 pm - The Outlet
Bring a gift of no more than $5 to exchange.  There will be food and games.  If you would like to bring a food to share, please do so!  Sign up outside Sandra's office.

Advent Decorating 
Thank you for all of you help in decorating the church for the Christmas season!  You are so appreciated!
Worship - Sunday 11:00 AM
The Chapel in Spanish
WNF - Bible Study  
Will meet through December 12 and then resume January 9, 2019
Meets at 6:15 PM | The Outlet
Young Life
Robert D. Fowler YMCA - Peachtree Corners
Meets every other Thursday at 7:30 pm.  
See Sandra Hunter for more information
Next Meeting - TODAY
Thursday, November 29! 

Norcross First United Methodist Church
Student Ministry Director, Sandra Hunter
Every student is required to have an 
Emergency Response Form on file.  
Please fill out the form and hand in to Sandra Hunter