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November 2017  |  Student Newsletter
  1. Students, Meet Your Student Representatives!
  2. PA State Budget Update
  3. Student Spotlight: Liane Friedberg
  4. Licensure Prep: Sample Exam Questions
  5. Pitt Student Chimes in on Importance of Getting Involved in Local Elections
  6. Shippensburg University Hosts Teach-In on Racial Injustice
  7. Lock Haven University Hosts Annual Halloween Party for BBBS
  8. NASW-PA Student Membership Task Force

Students, Meet Your Student Representatives!

As your current student representatives for NASW-PA, we want to thank you for the privilege to represent the collective voices of all students across the Commonwealth. Our voices, although unique in perspective, carry significant weight within NASW-PA. It is important that we hear from you throughout the year with suggestions, comments, or anything else on your mind. Watch this brief video and meet your student representatives!

Contact Julie, MSW Representative:
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PA State Budget Update

Pennsylvania has a balanced budget. It took lawmakers four months to get there, but on October 30th, Governor Tom Wolf signed a revenue plan to go with the spending plan approved back in early July. NASW-PA's MSW Student Representative, Julie Platt, spoke at length with 
Representative Dan Frankel (D-23), who serves as Democratic Caucus Chair, about the budget process. Click here to read more.
Student Spotlight: Liane Friedberg

Liane has been an exemplary MSW student who is very passionate about the social work profession and NASW. She has given hours upon hours of her time as a member of the Student Membership Task Force, volunteer for NASW PA conference, serving on the Conference Committee, volunteering at the conference, volunteering at a variety of division events, being a member of the Southeast Division Steering Committee, and serving as an advocate for NASW to fellow students and to her university. 

At present, Liane is working as a liaison between the Penn SP2 and NASW-PA to educate her peers about the benefits of NASW membership and connecting the school with Chapter leaders. She also plans to leverage this exposure to promote greater participation by Penn Students at Legislative Education and Advocacy Day 2018. For these reasons, we are proud to honor Liane in our November Student Spotlight! 

Would you like to nominate someone for next month's Student Spotlight? Contact Tyler at for more info!
Licensure Prep: Sample Questions from the Exam

1. The concept of acceptance is best described as:
a) A contractual agreement to provide a client with counseling services.
b) Expressing approval to the client.
c) Accepting the client's values and beliefs.
d) Holding the client in unconditional positive regard.

2. An appropriate Release of Information form should have all but one of the following features:
a) A place for an agency official to sign for the client if he/she is not available to sign.
b) A place for the name of the person/facility where the information is being released.
c) A place for description of the specific type of information to be released.
d) A date upon which the Information Release form terminates (i.e., is no longer valid).

* Scroll to the bottom of this email for the answers! For more info on the exam, visit us online and/or consider ordering a NASW-PA prep manual!
Pitt Student Chimes in on Importance of Getting Involved in Local Elections

NASW-PA wants to thanks all social work students who came out to vote last week in the state and local races. Being involved in local politics is a great way to make a difference in your community. Rachel Richer, a Master's of Social Work and  Public Health Candidate from the University of Pittsburgh (MSW/MPH) volunteered for a local judicial race in Pittsburgh. She spoke with our MSW Student Representative, Julie Platt, about the importance of social workers getting involved in local politics, and her experience volunteering for a campaign. Click here to read what she said.
Shippensburg University Hosts Annual Teach-In on Racial Injustice

Shippensburg University hosted a teach-in within the social work department based on racial injustice. This year, the topic was immigration. The day was broken down by four sessions. Click here to read the full write-up by Rebecca Zelner, Shippensburg University MSW Student and NASW-PA Intern. 

Get in touch and let us know what YOUR school is doing in social work or a related field! We would love to know and help you spread the news!
Lock Haven University Hosts Annual Halloween Party for BBBS

Each year Lock Haven University's Social Work Club hosts a Halloween Party for the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization of Clinton County. BBBS is a non-profit that pairs a young child with an older individual for a one-on-one relationship. The goal is to give the child a positive role model in their life... Read More
NASW-PA Student Membership Task Force

The task force in the spotlight this month is the Student Membership Task Force, a group of individuals dedicated to insuring a positive experience for all NASW-PA student members. The committee is made up of a diverse mix of individuals,  including faculty, students, & professionals. Members include: Lloyd L. Lyter, Marietta Warnitsky, Daisy Heidenreich, Kim Hardner, Vanessa Trinidad, Kristie King, Mary Wller, Liane Friedberg, Brianna Youngs, Kevin Carter, Stuart Horowitz, Amy Sagen, Julia Platt, and Tiffany Peruso. Members meet bi-weekly to discuss student issues, concerns, and events! If you have any suggestions for the group, please feel free to contact us! Get in touch with Tyler at
Have an idea for our Student Newsletter? Is your school of social work doing something exciting and note worthy? Would you like to nominate someone for the Student Spotlight? Get in touch with Tyler at with suggestions. We want to hear from you!
* Licensure Exam Sample Questions Answer Key:
1. D
2. A