Student Services Outcomes

Assessment Bulletin

June 2023

A special publication from the Office of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation to support student and academic support units in defining and assessing meaningful outcomes for continuous improvement.

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Engaging Students in Assessment

Hello, my Student Services assessment champions!

I was thrilled to connect in 3-D with many of you at our Spring 2023 Student Services Charrettes. One of the hottest topics of discussion was the challenges with engaging students in the assessment process. As you reflect on ways to improve programming and services based on your Spring 2023 data, below are some considerations and general strategies to engage students.

  • Engaging students regarding the value of assessment is critical for ensuring quality data.

  • The strategies you use and how you speak about the value of assessment will impact the quality of the data received. Quality data is always more valuable than quantity.

  • Avoid strategies that could generate higher response rates but could lower data quality.

Can you identify all eight engagement strategies in this feature of the Student Services Outcomes bulletin?

The due date for Spring 2023 Student Services assessment documents is Monday, June 26th. Assessment coordinators will receive submission instructions in an email from Brad Sturz via Smartsheet. All submissions will be subject to an initial quality check. Documents may be returned with a request for revisions.

As a reminder, all Student Services units should update previous sections in assessment documents, complete Gi. Impact of Past Improvements and Changes, and identify new actions to be implemented in Fall 2023 for Gii. Use of Assessment Results for Future Improvement. Check out the bottom of this message for guiding questions and tips for these sections. IAA also introduced a new resource, a Pre-submission Check for assessment documents.

Lastly, we value your opinion. Please complete our anonymous 2022-2023 Student Services Assessment Experience Pulse, linked at the end of this bulletin, for a chance to win a prize and enhance the Student Services assessment experience. Stay tuned for future changes based on an analysis of the results!

Thank you for your dedication to a culture of continuous improvement!

Keep nurturing the seeds for student success,


Identifying & Reflecting on Actions for Future Improvement

Gi. Impact of Past Improvements and Changes

All Student Services Units

Questions to Consider:

  • Did you implement all of the things you planned to do?
  • Who did it?
  • When did it happen?
  • Did it work?
  • How do you know it worked?
  • What did this cycle's results show based on the changes you made?

Assessment Data Review Worksheet

Gii. Use of Assessment Results for Future Improvement

All Student Services Units

Questions to Consider:

  • What are the proposed changes for the next semester and how do those relate to the outcome and results from this cycle?
  • How will proposed changes be implemented? - Be specific!
  • What is the rationale for how proposed changes will support the outcome?

Meaningful Actions for Improvement

Remember, not all actions for future improvement will produce improvement in services/outcomes. That's okay! A commitment to continuous improvement through engaging in the assessment process allows us to determine which innovative approaches are the most impactful for enhancing student experiences.

Student Services Outcomes assessment documents for Spring 2023 are due by close of business on Monday, June 26, 2023.

Institutional Assessment and Accreditation (IAA) works collaboratively with faculty, staff, and administration to ensure the quality of the programs and educational experiences offered by the university, addressing the unique assessment needs of courses, departments, colleges, or units through individual and group consultations, professional development workshops, recommendations for technology implementation, and best practice reference materials.

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