"My LEAP advisor has been a companion and a confidante all along, especially important since my school has been closed,"  says Dapson.  "She makes sure that I am safe, confident, and not falling behind in my education or college decision-making. LEAP has made virtual support an essential element of my success during this difficult time." 
Dapson, a Salem High School senior who immigrated to the United States in 2017, will be attending Salem State University in the fall to study Biology .
Congratulations to LEAP for Education's Entire Class of 2020

students will be
graduating college
high school seniors will be enrolling in college or trade school in the fall
8 th graders will be moving up to the high school

100% of eligible College Success students will get Federal Financial Aid

LEAP's Programs Are Today More Critical Than Ever
Homeschooling is difficult under the best of circumstances. Add to that the additional challenges of poverty, unemployment, lack of technology, and language barriers that many students at LEAP face. LEAP staff play a crucial role in supporting and motivating our students and keeping them and their parents informed and connected.
Times we have connected with our students via check-in calls, virtual services, group meeting and one-on-one consults
Unique students who have interacted with LEAP staff which is about 70% of all our enrolled students
Number of virtual programs run each week . Learn more about LEAP's virtual services by visiting our website.

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