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JUNE 2021
Hope to see many of you at some upcoming Festivals!
We're sharing a table with the Town Horizons Counseling & Education Center: Smithtown Day, June 6th
We're sharing a table with the Town Anti-Bias Task Force: Kings Park Day, June 19th

Come Visit Our Table and say "Hello"

Planting at Smithtown Town Hall Kindness Rock Garden
(At Smithtown Town Hall, 99 West Main Street, Smithtown)

KEEP Our Township's Kindness Rock Garden
GROWING for PRIDE Month!!!

LOVE Grows in Smithtown Township for Pride Month

Here's a chance to help spread some Town of Smithtown Kindness & Love for PRIDE Month!

Creating Kindness Rocks can be an excellent activity for friends and family to do together.

Examples of designs are -  words of encouragement; rainbows of hope; butterflies; flowers; optimistic and inspiring words or phrases... virtually anything that spreads positivity. The more colorful, the better!!!

*When your rocks are ready, just bring them up to Smithtown Town Hall at 99 Main Street in Smithtown and PLANT them in the Kindness Garden to brighten the day for all who drive by!
***PLEASE don't forget to take a PHOTO of you planting your rocks (showing the rocks you made) and email your photo(s) ASAP to the Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau to share!

Include your full name as you'd like it to appear on your Town Community Service Certificate and we'll email it back to you.

*One (1) hour of Community Service Credit for three (3) rocks. Maximum two (2) hrs. of credit (6 rocks).
ALL ages/grades welcome to participate!

Youth Bureau Community Partner Volunteer Opportunity
"Creative Connections Campaign"
Join with Hands Across Long Island (HALI)

Year-Round Student
Community Service Opportunity
Reach out to isolated residents at
Pilgrim Psychiatric Center
Dear Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau participants,
(Excerpt from HALI Invitation Letter)

"Try to imagine isolation... .imagine it’s your birthday or Christmas, or on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. That is the reality for many people who are in an institution. That isolation may lead to feelings of loneliness, despair, and shame about being “different” from everyone else. We want to remind everyone that they are not alone, and that being different also means being an original and unique.

HALI’s Creative Connections campaign connects with our community experiencing loneliness through letters, pictures, drawings, poetry, and art that can be delivered to and kept by people held in these lonely places. Creative Connections will hand deliver these cards, notes, and pieces of art to people in Pilgrim Psychiatric Center.

To reach every person and keep our campaign going... We will need 275 letters/art/cards each month!"
If you are interested in participating, we ask that your creation be about the size of a postcard or greeting card.
(Use the TEMPLATES provided below, if you like)
Please send kind messages which inspire hope at difficult times, and address your creations to:

Hands Across Long Island
Attn: Emily Vaianella
159 Brightside Avenue
Central Islip, NY, 11722

If you are looking to complete community service hours toward school, please include your name and email address in the envelope in which you send your letter, so we can award you with a certificate of participation.
*Completion of 3 cards will earn one hour of community service, and the completion of 6 cards will earn 2 hours of community service.
If you would like to prepare and send creations in bulk (25 or more cards/pieces of art), we will award you a certificate with a a max. of 8 community service hours issued from Hands Across Long Island in partnership with the Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau.
Use the PDF below to VIEW & SHARE the entire Creative Connections Invitation Letter
Please email Emily Vaianella with any questions at:
Creative Connections Campaign templates
(or do your own thing!)

Smithtown Historical Society Spring Farm Festival
Held on Sunday, May 16, 2021
An Annual FUN Day with the Family!
Children's Crafts - Pony Rides - Petting Zoo - Sheep Shearing - Spinning & Weaving - Blacksmithing - Wood Dyeing
Barn & Carriage House Were Open to View
Once again the Town's student Volunteer Corps student members were on hand to assist Historical Society staff with this yearly tradition. Student volunteers assisted children with various crafts and games, helping to make this a very special memory for these young participants!

Special Announcement from our Community Partners Smithtown Historical Society...

15th Annual Mildred Smith Historical Essay Contest For High School Juniors

This year's essay contest topic:

Tell the story of a school within Smithtown Township that you have either attended in the past or currently attend. Give a brief history of that school, and discuss either its traditions and/or what makes this school special or unique.

to see FULL Rules & Guidelines

For additional information, contact: 631-265-6768.

$1,000 Scholarship to the Author of the Winning Essay
Community Education Program for Students & Parents
The Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau has partnered with Cohen Children's Medical Center - Northwell Health to provide a community education program for middle school & high school students and their parents on a topic very relevant to all of our lives...
"The Impact of Technology and Social Media"

Virtual Webinar
Tuesday, June 22nd - 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Students can earn one hour of Community Service Credit for registering and participating.
Attendance with parent or guardian is encouraged, but not required.

During this virtual webinar the various mediums of technology that young people are exposed to will be explored. The impact it has on their development, and positive changes which can be made will be discussed.

Valuable information for both students and parents will be shared. Some key topics will include: 
  • Benefits and Consequences of Technology and Social Media 
  • Mental & Emotional Impacts 
  • Internet safety 
  • Digital Footprints 

Click to REGISTER: "The Impact of Technology & Social Media" in advance for this meeting: 
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Registration required.

*Students wishing to receive a Town Certificate of Community Service should email the
Youth Bureau with their NAME as they would like it on the certificate. After confirmation of attendance,
the certificate will be emailed to them.
Stars, Stripes & Service Postcards Displayed
Memorial Day 2021

In Recognition of Memorial Day this year, the GYSD Stars, Stripes & Service postcards were displayed in the front windows of the

Town of Smithtown Horizons Center/Youth Bureau Building
161 East Main Street, Smithtown

Thousands of people driving and walking by had the opportunity to
Remember & Honor...
Even if it was only for just that moment!

The remaining Stars, Stripes & Service postcards (almost 200) were sent to the Long Island State Veterans home in Stony Brook to help decorate the facility for Memorial Day.
Report on the Town of Smithtown's Global Youth Service Day Initiatives - 2021

  • The Stars, Stripes & Service Project (memorial day cards) had 61 student volunteer participants who created 238 Memorial Day Cards.

  • The Smithtown Food Pantry Essential Food Donation Project had 59 student volunteer participants who together donated 177 bags of food.

  • The Town Hall Kindness Rock Project had 51 student volunteer participants who created & planted 288 kindness rocks.

Student volunteers did a GREAT Job with all GYSD projects! A VERY Special Thank You to All of You!!!
The Youth Bureau will be offering different types of enrichment/ development, prevention and community service opportunities throughout the summer.

One program we'll be promoting is GYSD "Lead ASAP" -
Get a Head Start right NOW!

Recognize your own SPARK
Focus on your own FIRE
Then... Use A.S.A.P. strategies to do your own Lead ASAP project THIS SUMMER!!!
Student summer projects will be recognized by:
Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau

*Town Certificate of Community Service provided - Instructions below*

Watch this brief 3 minute video below
to easily come up with an idea and
develop your own student
"Lead ASAP" project
Use Summer school break to Lead ASAP with your own personal SPARK & FIRE!
EARN Community Service Credit this summer!!!
Now take that next step and use this simple Plan Your Project Worksheet and get started!
Feel free to reach out to the Youth Bureau for advice and assistance!!!
  1. To receive Community Service Credit, email your Project Proposal to the Youth Bureau for approval.
  2. After you've completed your project, Reflect, Report & Celebrate!
Tell us all about it to receive community service credit.
Your Project Proposal should include:

-Your Name; Email; School; Grade

-Your cause

-Your project goal

-Your plan of action

-List of anticipated fellow volunteers & partners

-Timeframe for your project. When will it start & end.

-Estimate of the hours you personally will devote to this project

-How you will document your efforts
Reflect, Report and Celebrate:

Upon completion of your project you will:

Email results to the Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau to receive documentation of your community service activities.

Include your complete project proposal for reference.

State and show how you achieved your goal; and confirm how you followed your proposed plan.

Contact us with any questions
Submit project proposal to the 
Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau
Community Needs Assessment Survey

February 2021 - April 2021

Survey RESULTS Are In!
Our early 2021 Youth Bureau Community Needs Assessment Survey Analysis:
The early 2021 “Community Needs Assessment” survey was distributed to community stakeholders February 2021-April 2021 via social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), monthly electronic newsletter, and on the Youth Bureau website. In that time period 4,080 community members responded, with the majority of respondents being students and parents.
Each of the school districts within the Town of Smithtown (Commack SD, Hauppauge SD, Kings Park SD, and Smithtown SD) were equally represented in the responses. The findings concluded that during the past 12 months the majority of respondents participated (or their children had participated) in one or more Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau student community service opportunities; educational; enrichment; or social programs. The data collected shows that 95% of respondents were “Very Satisfied” or “Satisfied” with the programming provided.
The top three future programming requests include mental health topics; time management & study skills for students; nutrition, fitness and other wellness topics.

This pertinent information will help drive the Youth Bureau planning for the remainder of 2021.

Click to CONTINUE READING, to see the entire early 2021 Survey results analysis.
We wish to THANK all of the many participants in our early year community needs survey!!!

As you REQUESTED, your Town's Youth Bureau will provide our popular enrichment,
prevention and leadership/community service programs and pay extra attention to
YOUR top areas of concern this year!
The top three future programming requests include:
Mental health topics
Time management & study skills
Nutrition, fitness and other wellness topics

Kindness Can Be Spread In MANY Different Ways!
Ongoing Ways YOU & Your Family Can HELP...

Ways to Help Feed
Struggling Families

PLEASE consider donating to one or more of these important community resources. Don't let anyone in YOUR community go hungry!!!

1.Long Island Cares has always been a great advocate and friend to the people of Smithtown and beyond. During the coronavirus, LI Cares has been working around the clock despite the obstacles. Residents can help by making monetary donations:
OR by donating via setting up and doing your own:

2.Island Harvest relies on the kindness of the public year-round to feed those who are most in need. Residents can help during the COVID-19 pandemic by clicking here and:  donating online
Each $25 donation will go towards supplying a family meal kit, which provides food for three to four days.

3.Smithtown Food Pantry:
Residents wishing to help the food pantry during the coronavirus can mail monetary donations or gift cards to Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry: Post Office Box 1663, Smithtown, NY 11787.
Plus.... Don't forget about possibly
Helping a Furry Friend!!!

Foster a Dog or Cat: Due to COVID-19, the Smithtown Animal Shelter has had to restrict public access to confirmed adoption appointments and animal/wildlife rescue. Residents with no other pets or young children at home can apply to foster a rescue dog. Families looking to serve the community can sign up to foster cats as well. The shelter staff is limited at this time, so Town officials ask that the only serious foster applicants apply.

  • ONLY Approved Adoption Appointments will be permitted to enter the Shelter.
  • Call to discuss what you are looking for in a pet and we can help you decide if we have a pet that suits your lifestyle.
  • Schedule a FaceTime interaction with the pet that you are interested in.
  • We will help you get a feel for the animal’s personality and typical interaction with its caretakers.
  • Fill out an application- They are available on our website, or we can email/fax one to you.
  • Once you have an approved application, you may meet the pet that you are interested in at the shelter, weather permitting we will hold all dog interactions outside.

P (631) 360-7575 F: (631) 360-7973 
Celebrating the End of this Long STRANGE School Year!
Excerpted from Macaroni Kid Hauppauge-Smithtown-Nesconset-St James-Commack
"I can hardly believe that we have reached the end of the school year. Some days this year felt like the longest year EVER. Our kids and their teachers were thrown curve balls left and right, and I have to say, they handled them like absolute champs. Were there glitches here and there? You bet. Were there times that we were all frustrated? 100 percent. But no one has had to roll with the punches this year like educators and their students.

And parents! Yes, you! You were rock stars, too. You took on roles that you never thought you would take on. And quite frankly, roles that you didn't want! No one blames you for that. Yes, you are the parent, but most of us did not think we would be homeschooling our kids, or monitoring them while they were learning remotely ... while juggling our own jobs and quarantine troubles.
So, I think that we all deserve a celebration! I'm guessing that if you're like me you have very little brain power left at this point, and you might be dreading having everyone home again for the summer after it feels like we just got them back in their desks at school. So I'm going to help you out. Buckle up, buttercups.... let's get our end of school year 2021 celebrations on!"

Click to Continue Reading for a serious breakdown of the MANY ways to celebrate the end of this UNUSUAL school year for every group and age.

A BIG Yahoo; Way to Go; and Congratulations to all of the 2021 students & teachers! The completion of this academic year is a feat worth many cheers!
Enjoy the Summer!!!
Join Our Community Partners...
Commack-Kings Park Rotary Club &
St. Catherine of Siena Hospital
In Honor of World Blood Donor Day

Thursday, June 17th
Noon - 6:00 PM
St. Catherine & St. Charles Center
for Health & Wellness
Conference Room
500 Commack Road, Commack

Saving Lives is As Easy as...
Sign Up To Donate,
Give Blood
Then Eat Cookies!!!

Donated Blood... Is essential for surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, and traumatic injuries. Whether a patient receives whole blood, red cells, platelets or plasma, this lifesaving care starts with one person making this very caring, generous donation.

World Blood Donor Day aims to raise awareness regarding the need for regular blood donations, important to keep the health industry with a stable supply, and to celebrate the hard work of medical professionals that work in the research and development for new technology and uses for donated blood, as well as medical teams who use blood on a regular basis.
This day is also used to thank donors for their service and determination to save lives
and make the world a better place

To make an appointment for this June 17th Blood Drive please visit their website:
OR call (800) 933-BLOOD
Students... Join the Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau
Volunteer Corps


Local Community Groups/Agencies...
Become a Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau
Volunteer Program Partner

Join the hundreds of Other Local
Youth and Families as registered...
Town of Smithtown Volunteer Corps Members

Apply here to become a
Smithtown Youth Bureau
Volunteer Corps member!

Get Early Notification about
Community Service Opportunities
Fun Family Programs

Continue reading here for more information.
Does your group/agency
Need Volunteers? 

The Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau
promotes volunteerism and fosters
positive social and leadership opportunities for
youth and families
throughout the township.

The Youth Bureau is interested in partnering with local
groups and organizations to promote volunteer
opportunities for youth and families in the community.

For more information - click here
Click link to view & share brochure:

Town of Smithtown Horizons Counseling & Education Center

Horizons Counseling and Education Center is an OASAS-licensed not-for-profit agency funded to provide adolescent and adult treatment, prevention and education services for drug and alcohol related problems.

Assessment Services - Appointments Are Available

If there is any concern that you, your child or another family member may be experiencing a substance abuse issue, PLEASE reach out for information and support. This has been an extremely challenging time for individuals and families. There is absolutely no shame in seeking assistance in helping yourself and/or loved ones to deal with this situation together. You don't have to go through this alone... There is HELP available.

Details can be requested, as well as an appointment for an assuring, professional assessment of the situation you are experiencing.

The full Assessment & Intake Procedure consists of:
  • Phone screening
  • In-Person or Virtual Appointment with a Clinical Staff Member to Discuss Potential Need for Treatment
  • Consultation with a Member of Our Nursing Staff
  • Evaluation with Our Psychiatric Practitioner (provided if needed)
  • Drug/Alcohol Testing
  • Sessions and with Family and any Person Involved in Your Life

Assessment appointments available - Medication assisted treatment can be provided

Click for MORE INFORMATION Telehealth Services Available

To get further information and/or to schedule an assessment:

Horizons Counseling and Education Center's Prevention Program works with local schools to develop and offer drug and alcohol presentations virtually and/or in-person.. If you are interested in a presentation or in having your students take part in a evidenced based program please feel free to reach out to them.
Contact Kelly Devito for more information:
**Helpful Resources**
See the following list of important resources available during this challenging time:

Helpful information and COVID-19 specific resources can be found at:

NYS Office of Mental Health Emotional Support Line:
Additional information:

Suffolk County Behavioral Health & Other Resources:
See the following list of important resources available:
Helpful information and COVID-19 specific resources can be found at:
NYS Office of Mental Health Emotional Support Line:
Additional information:
Suffolk County Behavioral Health & Other Resources:
161 E. Main Street 
Smithtown, NY 11787

Phone: (631) 360-7595
Fax: (631) 360-7687