An update from 
Community Consolidated School District 15
Board of Education

October 12, 2017


At its Oct. 11 meeting, the Board of Education recognized the efforts and partnerships of the district's Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) in making our children's educational experience a more positive one. 

PTA presidents at each of District 15's 20 schools go above and beyond to positively influence children and families. Their leadership motivates volunteers and persuades local decision makers. They communicate with teachers and administrators, collaborate with community partners and associations, raise funds and awareness, provide much-needed programs for students and families, encourage reading and the arts, and much more. Because of these PTA presidents, the children and schools in our community are more successful. The Board of Education is grateful for their work! 


At its Oct. 11 meeting, Board of Education President Lisa Szczupaj gave an update regarding the Educational Support Personnel Association (ESPA) contract negotiations process. Sczcupaj reported that there has been significant progress in the negotiations process, with the latest full-day mediation session concluding Oct. 11. ESPA membership includes most secretaries, nurses, program assistants and other support positions. 

The board is moving forward with optimism and commitment that an agreement that is both fiscally responsible and fair to the ESPA members will soon be reached. They are committed to continuing the bargaining process in good faith, while keeping the best interest of our students and families in mind. The board hopes the ESPA leadership has the same level of commitment to the negotiations process. 

Updates will be sent to families as soon as new information becomes available. 


The Board of Education received an update regarding student enrollment and class sizes at its Oct. 11 meeting from Deputy Superintendent of Schools Dr. Matthew Barbini. As of Sept. 29, District 15 has a total of 12,454 students enrolled in grades PreK-8, down about 85 students from the 2016-17 school year. 

This enrollment data helps the administration dedicate classroom teacher resources appropriately through class size targets established by the board, as well as through statutory requirements for special education and English Language Learner (ELL) services. 

On average, class sizes across the district are generally below Board of Education targets, with some exceptions where the classroom sizes are larger. When schools are confronted with large class sizes at any grade level, the building principal and district administration work together to find the appropriate solution. 

To read the full student assignment report, click here.


Community business mentors are needed to assist with the after school Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) program for District 15 junior high school students.

Mentors will work with students and assist them in the creation of their business plans. For six weeks, mentors provide guidance and feedback as students think through all aspects of their business creation, write their business plans, and prepare their investor panel presentations.

Mentors commit to eight weeks for 60 minutes per week, with continued out-of- class support through email and phone. If you have an interest in supporting this program, please contact Steve Gaus with the Palatine Chamber of Commerce. 

one-five Foundatioin

District 15 staff volleyball tournament hosted by the  one-five Foundation  is quickly approaching on Saturday, Nov. 4.

The popular event is a fundraising effort for the foundation, which supports educational initiatives for District 15 schools and classrooms. Each year, staff members from across the district come together to form teams and participate in the exciting tournament, held in the Winston Campus Junior High and Elementary School gymnasiums.

The spirit of a sports tournament brings the community together to celebrate sport, healthy competition and fun. Money generated from the event will continue to support foundation mini-grants and other educational initiatives throughout the district. Awards will be granted for various categories, to be used at the discretion of their school administration and staff.

Entry fee to watch the competition is $1 per person. The tournament will run from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend.
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