We welcome 2021 by taking the time to congratulate our teachers and all they have adapted to this year. Without a doubt, they have been on the frontlines of massive change and their role in instructing and supporting our students has required more from our teachers than ever before.

Parents have adjusted to at home learning and students received their first report cards the first week of second term.

As our readers, we also take the time to THANK YOU for your ongoing support of Holy Cross. Without your support, we couldn’t have kept the printers going, kept food going to families or given computers to teacher’s who needed them. 
Student Work
Students continue to produce great work and while the classrooms may be empty, it’s still delightful to walk through the classrooms and see the posters, models and videos that students have sent in. Standard 1 students made these beautiful Noah’s Ark projects while other students made mathematical models, along with posters on many different topics. See more student work here. 

Reading is so important, so to ensure our students keep up their reading, our librarian, Estrella, issued library books to all middle and upper division students to read as part of their learning packet.

Each student then made a simple book report, identifying main characters, setting and story elements.

Thank you to all who have donated books over the years and are helping our students to love reading.
Farewell Lydia
After 10 years of faithful service, we bid farewell to Lydia Brown. Lydia and her family are leaving Belize to return to family in Australia.

Lydia spent 5 years liaising with volunteers and welcoming visitors, then worked part time doing social media, producing the newsletter and updating the website.

Please keep her family in your prayers as they travel and re-establish themselves.
Food Basket Program
Feeding our students remains one of the most important components in growing healthy minds and bodies and is something Holy Cross and the Holy Cross Education Foundation remains committed to. Our Food Basket Program is supporting our neediest families. Every two weeks, up to 75 families receive a bag of pantry staples enough to feed a family of 4.

Families are incredibly grateful for this help.
Adapting To Homeschooling During COVID-19

Karla is a 39 year old widow who is originally from El Salvador but has been living in San Pedro along with her two young children for 20 years.
With distance learning being implemented for this school year many parents face different challenges while being a more active part in their children's education.

Learn more about Karla's story here.
Missing Our Traditional Belizean Christmas

This past year will definitely standout since it affected even the smallest things in our daily lives. A holiday that we usually spend with our loved ones making our favourite dishes was no exception.

We hope everyone had a happy, safe and healthy Christmas.

Thank you all once again for your support, prayers and encouragement – it really means a lot to us. We look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Thank you again,

From the team at Holy Cross Anglican School.
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